Towers! Towers! Towers!





Introduction: Towers! Towers! Towers!

How to Build a Tower

Materials needed :

- Glue (any type that works fro you)
- Balsa wood sticks or Popsicle sticks
- Gloves
- Paper to put underneath you tower while building
- Yard measuring stick to keep track on your width and height
- bucket of sand
- big book (biology, English)
- empty bucket
- measuring cup
- loading block with chain
- test board with a 20cm by 20cm square cut out

to build a 50 cm tower that is 50cm height and with base of 20cm by 20cm that can hold a full bucket of sand

1. Your tower must be at least 50cm high
2. At 15cm your tower must be able to go in a 8cmX8cm
3. at the very top of your tower it must be 5cmX5cm so that it can hold the loading block
4. the base of the loading block has to be from 16cmX16cm to 20cmXby 20cm

Step 1: Create a Design

This step is to help guide you through your process of building your tower. Your design must contain measurements (how tall are you going to make it/ how will your tower go in at 8 cm/ what is it going to look / what tactics are you using , triangle , squares) your design must answer these questions.

Step 2: Start Your Base

This step is the hardest step because your base need lots of support, the problem is the more support you give it the heavier the mass gets. You don't want to much mass at the base because the mass does effect your score a lot. So you have to find a balance between enough support but not too much mass. and your base should only be 15 cm high and make sure the is a hole in the middle of your base

Step 3: Start Middle Section of Your Tower

The middle of your tower is the most important part because all the weight from the sand. This step is quite hard as well since the middle of your base has to be a hole that is 8cmX8cm wide you can go as far as you want on the middle part but make sure you make the middle part just as or even a little less heavier than the base lso make sure you do not cover the hole

Step 4: Finish the Top of Your Tower

Now the top part is the easiest part of the whole building the tower. The only thing that need to be at the top of your tower is not you need to make that hole that was 8cmX8cm to 5cmX5cm so that the loading block on top.

Step 5: Test It Out

When you reach 50cm high and the top of your building is 5 by 5cm then you get a bucket of sand and a empty bucket. Attach the empty bucket to the chain hanging inside you tower and  begin to take a cup and pour in the sand but watch out for the sand bugs! If you run out of sand then use a heafty book the weighs at least 5.5 pounds. Once your tower breaks record what happened. Where did the tower fail and why?

Step 6: Score Your Tower

The scoring is very simple this is the formula for scoring

Score= (Load Supported)2/(Mass of Towers
- Make sure to round to the nearest 0.001 for kilograms and 0.01 for grams
To break it down to make it really easy it just says take how every much your tower eld before it cracked and then take times 2 and divided by how ever much your tower ways

and this how you make and score a perfect tower




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