Picture of Toy Bag and Play Mat in One
A simple but effective toy bag that opens out into a play mat.  A water resistant backing means that damp ground doesn't have to mean damp clothes and the drawstring makes picking up the toys easy when it is time to stop playing.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

1 1/2 yards of 54" wide patterned fabric
1 1/2 yards of 54" water resistant fabric

[wider fabric is fine - the size of your playmat is limited by the smaller of your pieces of fabric]

16 eyelets (mine were 5mm [a smidgeon bigger than 3/16"] )
 5 yards of cord (must fit through your eyelets, my cord was 4mm)

tape measure
iron & ironing board
sewing machine
marking pen/pencil
eyelet setting tool, often included with the eyelets and hammer
SparkySolar10 months ago

Thank you for this nice Instructable. I like it


SparkySolar10 months ago

Thank you for this nice Instructable. I like it


chwbcc3 years ago
Yay! I had a set of the denim Lego bags growing up. And my Mom made a set for the Grandkids a few years back. I love the instructable and this is an easy project for anyone to make. (even if you can't sew)

Her design is much more simplistic but it's the same premise:

Large Canvas (any color)
Fold edges in about 2 inches and sew
Punch out 8 holes and add grommets
Add string and tada Lego Bag.

Here is some photos:

We actually don't use them anymore because the amount of Legos we have exceed what the bag will hold.  So we use it as a play mat instead.  It folds up nicely and stores real easy in the Rubbermaid. 

Great Work!!!

PKM5 years ago
Having been a LEGO enthusiast as a child, I could really have done with one of these.  My only point of concern (as a practical sort of child) would have been the patterned fabric- very easy to lose those tiny pieces on a patterned surface, so perhaps a plain one for better visibility of "things with small parts" would be appropriate.  It probably all depends on the age and toy inclinations of the kids, though.
lizzyastro (author)  PKM5 years ago

I chose this fabric - pirates and islands as a fantasy location to play lego on/with. It is a smooth woven fabric, so easy to sweep a hand over to find something. In reality the bricks and small parts are quite visible - the lighting on the day I took the photo complete with lego did not give much contrast.

If you really need a plain surface, you can turn it over and have the pattern underneath and then outside when the strings are drawn up.  So plain or patterned are BOTH viable options.

Boost5 years ago
Hey I had the same idea a few years back when my sisters kids were toddlers. Nice instructable, ma'am!
lizzyastro (author)  Boost5 years ago
Thank you. My boys are really a bit too old for a play mat, but not too old for Lego so they may use it. If not I shall give it to my impending grandchild.
Impending grandchild? Congratulations! :)
lizzyastro (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
Thank you!

My grandson arrived safely, if rather earlier than expected on 3rd August!
kaptaink_cg5 years ago
My mom made one of these when I was a kid for our legos. It's awesome. I still have it! (I'm in my mid 30s now)
Very simple, very useful. love it  : )
canida5 years ago
What a great idea!
NachoMahma5 years ago
. Great idea. I don't know enough about sewing to make an evaluation of the Ible, but it sure looks good. ;)