I built this little metal toy cannon a few weeks ago but didn't take enough pictures to make an instructable.  I made it from balsa wood, 2 pens, and 2 ball bearings.  Anyways, it took me a while to make it and I really hope you enjoy it.
what did you cast the man in pic 1 out of<br>
That was bought at a gift shop!
O I use lead normally thats why I was wondering
Yeah, I have some lead pipe lying around, but I have to make a mold first...
just buy one off ebay
Maybe I should...
cool, whn i saw the thumbnail i thought it was real!
Ha, thanks!
:) np
This is cool.
A very good cannon too. Military miniaturist or steampunk,,, a good desk accessory. Look for a premade wood plaque in Michaels, Hobby Lobby or thrift store to elevate it just a little and make it look antique, Dark stain or black. Quzie
Thanks for the suggestion! Great idea.

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