This is my first Intructable, so please be patient and/or post some critics also as feedback.
Sorry for my German-School-English!


I saw a lot of very good iDevice docks and docking stations around here, but most of them looked good but also just functional.
So I decided to build something functional AND really god looking.

I am a huge fan of beautiful old cars like American Muscle Cars (Mustang4ever!) and also the old Volkswagen.
This caused a big collection of toy and scale cars around my room, so I decided to combine the love to cars with the love to my iPod and this is the product of this thought!

Step 1: Materials

So here is what you need:

- a appropriate Toy Car
        I think it is good to choose a model of a Van or Truck or something like that, because they have the most space for cables and attachments, also they have big roofs to fit the white iPod dock thingie but it is free to you where you mount it. My car has 1:24 scale, but if you choose a bigger scale like 1:18 and take a coupe or a limousine, you could also attach it to the trunk or somewhere else

- an Apple iDevice USB-cable

- an iPod for testing

That's pretty much it. The tools I used where:
- dremel tool
- cutting knife
- screwdriver...
So you see, nothing special...
Oh wow! This is totally sweet! I wish I was crafty enough to make one! Unfortunately I would just mess it up, but seriously awesome job! I LOVE it!
Thanks a lot!<br>Happy to hear, that you love it!<br><br>You could also take a convertible car without roof and just place the iPod behinde the seats and put the cable through the trunk, or something like this.<br>Wouldn't need this much craftyness. ;-)<br><br>I'm thinking about attaching a external drive to a toy car (some intructables about that can be found here), so I have a little car park around my PC. ^^

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