My daughter was disappointed that the scanner in her toy cash register didn't really work.  I solved this by interfacing an old PS/2 CueCat bar code scanner to a PIC and output the data to a serial port in ASCII format.  The original cash register display is accessed by hacking the keypad through a couple of M74HC4051 multiplexers.  The display can be cleared and the first 8 digits of the bar code displayed.   All 8 characters can be reliably written to the display in less than 250 ms.
Yupo indeed, it is so adorable. It can be much more popular among the kids than the common <a href="http://www.rasteredge.com/how-to/csharp-imaging/read-barcode-csharp/" rel="nofollow">barcode scanners</a>. I will have a try!
So cute, I decide to make this <a href="http://www.barcodelib.com/net_barcode_reader/main.html" rel="nofollow">barcode scanner</a> with my son. And he will defintely love it.<br> <br>
This is way legit! Would it work on <a href="http://www.albertacashregister.com" rel="nofollow">cash registers in Calgary</a>? If so I wanna try it! Thanks for sharing.
Pretty cool stuff. Thankfully the <a href="http://www.albertacashregister.com" rel="nofollow">cash registers at my shop in Calgary</a> work, I still have no idea how to do this stuff!
Sweet! I bet your daughter just loves it :D

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