Toy Cookie Dunking Cup





Introduction: Toy Cookie Dunking Cup

Insprired by the idea of the cookie dunking mug on this site.
This cookie dunking cup is designed to be used simular to those disposable "push-pop" snacks.
You can make this cup either out of plastic or metal parts and a couple of "o" rings.

Step 1: If Your Good at Blue Print Reading You Can Create the Device Using the Image. Otherwise, Step by Steps to Come Later



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    heres a novel idea: DUNK YOUR OWN DAMN COOKIES :P

    good idea though. next invent a cereal machine to combine the milk and cereal perfectly.

    since this is more of the "theoretical application" type of could make a little conveyor belt with an auto loading hopper that would dispense the oreos onto the belt that would then pass through the milk and plop them out on the other could time the "travel" through the milk to get the desired soaking time...and you could also probably put some form of manual release on the hopper that would allow you to tell it when you want a nother cookie to go through (unless you already know your oreo eating speed...then you could just time it correctly)

    *warning* very shitty drawing *warning*

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    Wouldn't the cookies float?

    yeah...if the bowl were as deep as the one in the practice one would assume you'd use a much more shallow vessel...alternately you could create some form of roller bar on top to push the cookies down in the milk

    yeah, with brushes.. but then if you let em go too long, the mushy cookie would get shredded... you could also add a neck rest towards the end to assist your head at the end of the conveyor belt that would dump them into your mouth, as well as a drain spout to fill a cup with the cookie drenched milk...

    or you could have an aquarium pump with a spritser nozzle on one end spaying the top of the oreos with milk.


    How about feeding the cookies underneath the belt, that could ensure proper soaking.

    The method you proposed is simular to how they do the chocolate covered cookies. Definately a fun idea for consuming in mass quantities. :-D Or create it as a center piece for a buffet table.

    I'm assuming that a lot of the designs here are by Americans, forAmericans. Without meaning to be too rude, maybe some of  you guysshould stop thinking from the 'more food, less effort' point of view andmaybe, I dunno, go for a walk?

    I only say this after reading the mad scientists post, which makes methink he treats his body like a landfill.

    'yeah, with brushes.. but then if you let em go too long, the mushycookie would get shredded... you could also add a neck rest towards theend to assist your head at the end of the conveyor belt that would dumpthem into your mouth, as well as a drain spout to fill a cup with thecookie drenched milk...'

    This started out as a nice idea. a little dunking cup so you don't getyour fingers wet, or burned in a hot drink. and turned into a 'how muchsoggy dough can you get in your mouth without lifting a finger' debate.

    Just my two cents.

    I like the fork method better. KISS principle, baby!

    If you use the cup enough to have the o-rings leak, I would be more concerned with weight gain. ;-) PS. The o-rings can be replaced by removing the shaft and popping out the worn ones for new ones.

    Nice but I think even with the rubber o-ring you may have leaks over time.

    Jeep: I just added a couple pics with leg versions per your recommendation. RadioRental: It shouldn't leak. The seperation of components in the picture is intended only for clarity. In actual construction, the tolerance for fittings should be friction fitted. (Therefore compressing the O-ring seals both firmly against the shaft as well as their retaining grooves in the cup. Which would look quite smooshed if drawn the way they really look)Using two O-rings instead of one should maintain vertical alignment on the moveable shaft. (Although using a less common seal that looks more like "v" from profile view would be more optimal for maintaing a vertical position.)Cleaning should be easy. Unscrew the pull tab, pull out shaft, pop out rings, soak, rinse, sanitize parts, reassemble. True that it holds the cookie from the soggier side, but most likely the cookie would be consumed long before its too soggy to be retained. ;-)


    A more implementable solution might be to use a plunger type coffee maker to hold the cookie. Issues with this design (aside from not being able to stand the up upright, leaks due to the design allowing the shaft to tilt around) and the earlier toaster style suggestion is that cleaning these things looks like it might be troublesome. Also, this holds the cookie from the soggy side, with a top down holder ala coffee plunger you'll hold the firmer part of the item being dunked, less likely to crumble in the grip.

    One quick comment, I would add 3 or 4 leg posts to the bottom of the cup just slightly longer than the plunger rod, so you could still set the cup down.