Introduction: Toy House From Waste Cereal Box

Picture of Toy House From Waste Cereal Box

You need an empty cereal box, a pair of scissors, four thick papers, sketch pen, tape, and glue.

Step 1: Make a Roof

Picture of Make a Roof

Stick the opened upper sides of the box with a tape or glue to make a roof of the house.

Cut a thick paper slightly (half a centi.) larger than the roof.

Step 2: Stick Papers on All the Side of the Box

Picture of Stick Papers on All the Side of the Box

Stick thick white or printed (pref. brick pattern) on all the sides of the box.

Step 3: Draw and Cut

Picture of Draw and Cut

Draw roof, door, and windows in the pattern of bricks with gel pen or sketch pen.

Cut open windows and doors leaving two sides (left & right) uncut.

Fold the uncut sides.

The toy-house is ready.

You can add LEDs or a lamp to lit the house.


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