Toy Ingram M6 - Glove Gun #2





Introduction: Toy Ingram M6 - Glove Gun #2

In this Instructable I'll try to show how I made this toy gun.

I should point out that this is a toy but it could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Anything fire out of it travels at a very high speed and could cause injuries.
Never point any gun at anyone ever. Even a toy gun. 
Always assume a gun is loaded, even if you know it isn't.
If you allow young children to use this please watch them closely.

See these videos to see how effective this gun can be.

This time I used a dart. See it go right through the cardboard. Just watch the centre of the bull.

Step 1: Getting Started

The first thing I did was to do some searching of the internet for images of sub-machine guns. I chose the Ingram M6 because it looked fairly easy to copy, and it's a cool looking bit of gear.

Print a good image and blow it up to the size you want. Cut out your image so you can trace it onto some timber.

Here's some other stuff you might need:
  • Some timber. I used plywood.
  • Some plastic pipe for the barrel.
  • A rubber glove - you only need one finger of the glove.
  • Duct tape.
  • Screws.
  • Some light stainless sheet, or tin.

Step 2: Make Your Gun Stock.

Trace your pattern onto some plywood.

Cut out the shape of your pattern using a jigsaw, or whatever tools you can get hold of.

Shape the edges nicely with a rasp and some sandpaper.

Step 3: Make Your Gun Barrel

Simply tape the finger of the rubber glove onto the pipe as pictured. Now you have a simple glove gun ready to attach to the gun stock.

I also added some thickness half the barrel to make it look more like the original.

Step 4: Assemble the Gun

I used some light stainless steel straps and self-tapping screws to secure the barrel tightly to the stock.

Step 5: Finished?

Now you have your gun. At this point you might like to paint it to look like the real thing. I'm happy for mine to stay looking like a toy.

Thanks for reading. Have fun, and please be safe.



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    what brand gloves do you use?

    I use Ansell super gloves

    Any brand. Providing they are good and stretchy and reasonably heavy duty.

    did you use power tools thanx this is cool :)

    Thanks Kaptain. That means a lot coming from a man of your rank.

    Hi Kaptain, Since you like the Ingram, perhaps you would like to vote for it in the Toy Contest? I'd be stoked if you could.

    This is a really cool build without a doubt, but what does the duct tape do for the project?

    Thanks Funky. Without duct tape the finger of the rubber glove would slip off when I pull it back ready to fire. There are undoubtedly other ways to attached it, but duct tape is the best method I can come up with. It holds really tight without damaging the rubber.
    I also used the tape when adding thickness to the barrel for aesthetic reasons.