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This is something that i use to make when i was little. Thought i would share with everyone. There is one out there almost like mine but you don't need to cut anything on my design. All you need is 2 pieces of paper and a pencil or something round.

Step 1:

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Get one of the 2 papers and roll it up with a pencil.
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Wow your hand aged a lot from step 1 to step 2
Lehmeier (author)  Pizzapie5004 years ago
LOL yeah i guess it did...
skyhighler6 years ago
Ugh, i can't figure step 4 out.... i dont get the wording, or the pictures, any help?
Take the bigger piece (which is outside the smaller one), and fold it in on itself into the very middle inside the other one. ~~~ Look at step 4's picture 2, do what's done on one side (in the pic) to the other and pull it ("it" being the pieces you just stuck through) tight.
Lehmeier (author)  Guard130075 years ago
its kind of hard to explain that step... 
I think you are very right, since I am reading what I said and I don't get it anymore... DX
MAANNIK5 years ago
IT WAS VERY EASY!THANK YOU VERY MUCH BUT...................................very thin barrels
cantbesaved6 years ago
no one wants to help you
baruki1016 years ago
i dont get how to end it...you NEVER state what to do at the end
it like tying a knot you thread the paper through the barrel
Lehmeier (author)  baruki1016 years ago
please look at the clip that I attached it was kind of hard to explain. you pull both ends of the handle through the middle of the barrels and pull tight. it might take a little practice to get the hang of it.
Lehmeier (author) 6 years ago
I am sorry all the other steps are kind of easy i put a clip on building the paper handgun. hope that will clear things up for you.
gt111826 years ago
me neither.I cannot understand step four.put more explainable instructions