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Introduction: Toy Parachute

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a project i did with my 4 year olds a couple days ago. It is pretty simple so i am just giving a materials list. sorry the pictures aren't increadible, but they are really hard to catch in flight.

Materials List:

1 plastic produce bag
2 straws
scotch tape
dental floss
small toy



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    This saved my LIFE in Science! Thank you SO much!

    This is such a fun and easy toy to make. I never thought of using a bag. Way to go! Thanks! I tried to put 5 stars, but it messed up-no idea why

    i did this back in the day. I used my hamster to parachute off the roof until one day the parachute failed to open, why mr frazzles why...

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    ok now a moment of silence for mr frazzles

    Why? (in a cute innocent kid's voice)

    now make something to launch it!

    How do you get it where u can put a picture by your user name?