My son loves to play at cooking and currently uses an up turned box and wooden kitchens are expensive to buy. I have a shed full of tools and wood and so this instructable was born. I built to kitchens at the same time one for a friend I have tried to keep all the build images used applicable to just one of them.

I have made this out of mostly stuff I had in my woodpile, therefore some sizes may be a little strange, If I was going out to buy new material the dimensions would probably be different for efficient use of sheets/lumbar sizes.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Listed below are the tools I used, I am lucky enough to have a shed full so tried to use them all (this is not totally necessary!). 

Drill/Driver x 1 is good x2-3 saves time swapping bits
Chop saw (hand saw will work just takes longer)
Router (you could sand the edges round)
Dowel Jig (you can just measure and mark up)
Wood turning lathe
Bench Sander
Pillar Dill
Mouse Sander
Paint Brush and Roller

The main carcass is made from 18mm MDF (some old shelving I had)
Work top is made from plywood
Cupboard, oven shelf oven doors are 12mm MDF
Small piece of perspex for oven door
25mm and 18mm mdf for knobs
46mm dowel for tap body
Scrap for tap spout
70mm x 15mm lumbar for top of carcass and splash back framing
Hardboard for back and splashback
Glue (wood glue, super glue and Epoxy)
Container for sink
Screw and Nails
Oh very nice. I bet the kids are really enjoying this. <br>I remember we had a wooden one like that in kindergarten.
He is :)
Thanks for your lovely comments, connecting electric would be easier than gas ;)
That is just awesome! I would have loved to have one of these :)
Golly, this is great! I wish I had one of these when I was a kid. OR I can take your ible and turn it into my current kitchen! How hard do you think it would be to put a gas line in your design? :P

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