Toy Sailboat





Introduction: Toy Sailboat

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This is a fun and pretty easy project that is water proof if done right. What u need: Plastic water bottle Scissors (If wanted: markers, cloth) Ruler

Step 1: The Start

Take label and cap off. Then cut 3/4 of the bottom of bottle off.

Step 2: Looks More Like a Boat

From bottom where cut off, make one line up and cut of top. Then cut 1 1/2 inches off both sides

Step 3: Sail

Now cut a small line in the inside middle of boat and stick one of the sides you cut off and put in the line

Step 4: If Wanted Decorate Then Set Sail

You can now decorate (if wanted) and set sail. Hope you enjoyed make sure u tell me if u liked this project



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    4 Discussions

    If you try it, tell me if it sinks, mine didn't

    Not how I tried it

    oops I mean transom sorry, Lol I sail too I should know this

    wouldn't it just sink because there is no stern?