Introduction: Toyota Tacoma Manual Transmission Pop Out of Gear? Here's the Simple Fix!

Picture of Toyota Tacoma Manual Transmission Pop Out of Gear? Here's the Simple Fix!

If you have a Toyota truck with a manual transmission with a considerable amount of miles on it, there's a good chance that you suffer from a common problem that these trucks have. Gears that pop out of gear while driving.

I have a 1996 Tacoma that I bought new. In the intervening time, I've put close to 220,000 miles on it. Around 4-5 years ago, 1st and second gear began popping out especially during warm-up. Fearing that the repair for the problem might be extremely costly, I put off the inevitable for several years.The problem grew worse until I found I was holding 3 of the 5 gears in place. After some research, I discovered that the problem is very common on these trucks and to my surprise, the fix was not only inexpensive ( $20) but easy.

In order to perform this repair, you will need a Philips head screw driver and some general purpose grease. The job takes 30 minutes. You will also need to order parts from a Toyota dealer or equivalent. The parts you need are: 1 shift lever seat and 1 shift lever cap. Bring your VIN number as there were slight variations.That's it! So here it goes.

Step 1: Removing the Shift Lever to Get Access to Shifter Seat.

Picture of Removing the Shift Lever to Get Access to Shifter Seat.

First, you'll need to get at the screws that hold the rubber boot cover to the transmission tunnel. They are underneath the carpet, so you'll need to pull the carpet back a bit to get at them.The rubber boot is held down with a stamped steel retainer with four screws. Be careful not to lose the screws under the carpet or you'll have to either remove ALL the carpet or find new screws.

The steel retainer was difficult to remove from under the carpet. I had success pulling it out corner first. Once that comes out, the rubber boot easily pops out. Pull up on the boot to get it out of the way so you can get at the shift lever retainer cap. There is a rubber dust cover over the top that easily pops off.

Step 2: Removing the Shifter Lever Retainer Cap.

Picture of Removing the Shifter Lever Retainer Cap.

Then next step is to remove the shift lever retainer cap. The cap is spring loaded and the spring presses it into interlocking pins. Use a shop rag and press down and twist the cap counter-clockwise. Once twisted far enough, the cap will clear the pins and pop up as shown below.

The entire shift lever assembly will come out in one piece.On the very end is the shift lever cap made of nylon. This too will be replaced. Above that is the shifter ball. Inspect it for burrs and rough edges. If there are any, gently file or sand them down smooth. Otherwise, you'll damage the new seat.

Step 3: Inspecting, Removing the Old Seat.

Picture of Inspecting, Removing the Old Seat.

Ah-ha! As suspected, the old hard rubber shift lever seat is completely worn out. Not only that, but it was actually crumbly. The reason it causes the problem of having gears pop out is because as the seat wears, this causes the spring to have less pressure in which to push downward on the shift lever, hence it more easily pops out of gear.

Remove the old seat. There is a rubber seal underneath it. Remove this as well. The new seat comes with a new seal anyway. Be careful not to get any crumbled bits of seat into the transmission. Probably not the end of the world if you do since they are generally soft. I used a vacuum to remove the bits.

Comparing the old seat to the new shows just how much wear the old seat has.

Step 4: Installing the New Seat, Cap, and Seal.

Picture of Installing the New Seat, Cap, and Seal.

Installing is pretty much as simple as it gets. Just install the new seat and seal- seal first into the shifter socket. No special tools required. Next install the new shifter cap by popping off the old, pressing on the new. Apply a thin layer of general purpose grease on all components.

Now reverse the disassembly instructions and wallah- all done. Happy to say that the truck now shifts and drives better than it did even when new. The grand total cost was $20 and 30 minutes of time, which is a lot cheaper than paying for someone else to do it or worse- having it misdiagnosed and have to buy a new or rebuilt transmission.


BenP146 (author)2017-07-06

Absolutely check with dealer for part number against vehicle vin number.
Tried a universal kit and the bushing (what you're calling a cap) was big enough to cause a headache. Went to the dealer and perfect fit first try. Shifting issue solved 100% for me also. I have a manual but enjoyed your pictures for additional reference.

NedW6 (author)2017-01-02

Don't click to download this article. If you want the PDF you will have to pay for it.

Yenwod81 (author)2016-08-22

Ok so please help. My 94 toyota pickup pops out of 1st..i replaced all of these items except it seems as though my new cap is just hair bigger than the original and it wont sit down in place like it should..any suggeations on how to get it back down in place so i can pit it back together. Ive gone through 2 now. One of them i had to sand down just a Bit to get the cao to slide down in place so i can put the spring and all back on to use it...but it still popled out. So i havent really once got a new unsanded cap to slide in place in the hole once it was on the end of my shifter. It just wont slide down around the two notched out pin slots on each side .. sorry hope that all makes sense .

MikeA156 (author)2016-07-29

another happy do-it-your-selfer thanks to you.

JamesG254 (author)2016-06-18

mate your an absolute legend!! thank you you just saved me a lot of money :)

RedRocker07 (author)2016-05-31

Everything in your description was great and as easy as you said...actually I didn't have any issue getting the spring retainer without any tools, it came out super easily. The thing I am having issues with is the shifter cap, the old one did not just 'pop off' and the new one definitely isn't 'popping in' Any tips? It seems like the new one I got is too small, but it came in the pack with the seal from Rock Auto so not sure what to think.

RateeluckG made it! (author)2016-05-29

2000 Taco here - thanks for your post!!! This was exactly the problem I've been having. We ordered the two parts online for less than $20, and did the fix in no time! I was surprised at how destroyed the old seat was. Just crumbles! We vacuumed it out, cleaned all the parts, regreased & reassembled just like you said. Much easier than apple pie. In fact we spent more time online searching for the parts than actually doing the fix itself! Thank you thank you thank you!

HaroldG20 (author)2016-04-28

Although this article is very in formative, I am going to have to disagree with one point. That point is this: The spring loaded shifter cap serves only one purpose and that purpose is to hold the shifter in the socket. This prevents the shifter from coming out of the socket. Each gear has a synchronizer. This in itself is what "allows" and "holds" the gear into placement, not the spring loaded cap.

steve turner (author)2016-04-12

I bought a '94 Toyota pickup Friday of last week. Three miles after the purchase, the tranny slipped out of 4th into neutral. Didn't want to go to prison so I waited until I got 45 minutes away from Mr. 'Ain't Nothing Wrong with that Truck' before calling him. Of course he didn't answer and of course he hasn't called me in the five days since. I left a message that let him know emphatically that he knew of the problem and I would appreciate him letting me know the possible cause. Staying cool, I looked up 'my transmission is slipping out of 4th gear' online and fortunately, this article appeared. I took the truck to a mechanic this morning and he called me three hours later saying it would take a special tool 'from the Toyota place' that costs 3 or 4 hundred dollars and that he didn't want to put out that much money for a hundred dollar job. There was another mechanic next door who looked up the labor estimate (I already had the two parts) and he said he'd fix it for 55.00 I waited until 20 minutes before he closed to check the status of the repair. Another guy was working on it who had no idea what he was doing. I was absolutely heartsick. The owner walked in and I told him what the article said and that pliers (spread apart) would be a better way than trying to pry up the cover with a flat head screwdriver. I took two long screwdrivers and placed them where they wouldn't interfere with the pliers. As I pushed downward equally on either side, he turned the pliers 1/8th turn counter-clockwise and it popped right out. The bushing was cracked and the rubber seal had disintegrated into crumbs. I wiped out the housing and the entire bottom of the shifter. He applied grease to the ball and then set the bushing (hole side up) on a vice. He turned the shifter upside down and then took a rubber hammer to drive the ball into the bushing. It popped right in. We put the entire assembly back together and it drives like a new vehicle. Whoever wrote this article is a saint and if you're ever in Greensboro N.C., lunch is on me. Thank you.

mowerracer (author)steve turner2016-04-12

Hey Steve,
I wrote this article 5-6 years ago. I still own the same truck! I'm glad to hear you were able to fix it. These trucks are as simple as apple pie so hold onto it!

JonD11 (author)2015-08-27

Thank you for putting this online! I just finished putting new bushings (Toyota OEM) in my '97 2WD 4Runner and it worked beautifully. It took me about 45 minutes but now I've done it once I bet I could do the next one in 20; I wasted ten minutes trying to make a tool for the cap before just going the two-screwdriver route and finding how easy that was. I was really sweating this issue, this vehicle is my daily driver and I couldn't afford to replace it or buy a used trans right now. You saved me a lot of grief.

tristacloud9 (author)2015-03-06

Toyota Tacoma 99. as I drove I had to hold the clutch in gear. If I didn't It would pop out of place. I didn't have $1200 for a new clutch. that's when I went online and found your page. I did each step just like you posted. drum roll please... its now works perfect.
thank you so much!!!! from one happy girl :)

AugustG (author)2015-02-27

This fix took for my 1991 Toyota today and I'm happy I spotted it. I see a lot of comments about tool construction/modification for removing the spring retainer but I'll throw in my two cents. Just a pair of pliers. You can spread them to bind against the corners of the flat sections in the opening and still apply downward force while turning. Worked like a charm

djdbrat made it! (author)2014-11-21

Last week I started having a hard time shifting my 2002 Tacoma 4X4 with 69k miles into 4th gear. The next day it got worst and would jump out of 4th, then had hard time getting into 3rd gear. I found this site and ordered new seat and cap from Marlin Crawler. I got the new parts yesterday and went to work on it. As others have said, getting the retainer to release was a pain in the butt. I knew there had to be a tool, so I made one. I took an old 7/8" open end wrench and ground it down so it would fit the 2 flat side of retainer and around the shifter. Then using vice grips on the wrench to hold it and put counter clockwise pressure, I tapped the wrench a few times with a hammer, the retainer went down then turned and popped up.

When I removed the shifter there was no seat, just small pieces of plastic.

I cleaned everything with rags and vacuum cleaner.

I put new cap on shifter and install new seat, greased everything and put it back together, had to use modified wrench again to get the retainer back in place.

Now it shifts better than new.

tommy.mosqueda.7 (author)2014-11-19

This post was such a lifesaver, I recieved an estimate that was 1200.00 to fix this. Found this post and fixed my problem for 20 bucks! I did have a hard time taking off the shifter cap, need another person but after that it was a quick fix. Kudos to you and this post, I can now drive my Toyota pick up worry free.

5dmonkw8 (author)2014-11-15

Great thread here. Please help me determine if I have the same problem on my 1996 Toyota Tacoma with 260k mileage.

When I try to shift into 1st, 3rd, or 5th gear (actually all the gears), I struggle to place it into the gear slot. It does not shift out of gear after that. I believe I had someone install a simple kit to fix this about 10 years ago (at 180K mileage then). Do I have the same problem as described in this thread? If not, what is my problem? Thanks!

jesse.munoz.77 (author)5dmonkw82014-11-18

Me too. Any remedy to your problem? Nothing here yet.

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I install the shift lever seat and cap and still with the same problem (can't shift when the car is On)

Doubledust (author)5dmonkw82014-11-17

I have the same problem with my Toyota 4Runner 98. I dismount the shift and the shift lever seat was bad, I'm going to get a new shift lever seat and check if the problem is fixed

jesse.munoz.77 (author)2014-11-18

I have a 1991 pickup and I'm having difficulty with shifting into 1st, 3rd, &5th gear. Im not too sure if this is my fix. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

josh.scott.963871 (author)2014-11-01

I have been having similar problems with my 84. Popping out of first gear only. I replaced the seat and cap today. Got the parts from Marlin Crawler. Didn't have any problems with the retainer cap. There was nothing left of the seat but a few small pieces of rubber. But it is still popping out of first gear just not as bad. Before I couldn't even hold it in gear but it can be driven now. Is it possible my clutch is causing the this problem? Just hoping a transmission rebuild isn't in my future.

leila.figo (author)2014-10-09

Oh gee, I am going to have to try this. I have been taking my truck and all my cars to the same guy for 20 years and I trust him so. It is popping out of third and fourth gears and he told me to take it took him that it might be a little problem. After looking at it, he said the problem was deep in the transmission and I needed a rebuild. He does not work on transmissions although he only works on Toyotas. So he stands nothing to gain from the rebuild. I would hate it if he is wrong on this, but I will just have to try it. I will let you know how it goes. I am not mechanical at all but you made it look very simple. Thanks.

tom.berry.39 (author)2014-10-06

I followed this process with my 98 Tacoma pushing 162,000 miles. It took a few choice words, along with my so having the proper tools to remove the retainer cap. Shifting is very smooth and no longer pops out of third or fifth gears. This is definitely a two person job. Don't remember when I was so happy to spend $31.33. Thanks for the great info.

sh21250 (author)2014-09-28

Thanks for the info. My 1999 Toyota Tacoma started popping out of gears about a month ago, especially gears 1, 3, and 5. I ordered the parts from Marlin Crawler and installed them this morning. With help from a friend it took us about an hour to do the replacement. The hardest part is getting the retainer cap free. We used some WD-40 and screwdrivers to compress the spring and turn the cap. We weren't sure if it was going to come loose, but it did! I think dirt accumulates in that area and makes it hard to compress the spring and rotate the cap. So my recommendation is to use plenty of lubricant to help free it up. The replacement parts and reassembly went very easy. The transmission is shifting very smoothly now, with no popping out of gears. Thanks again for the posts. I spent $30 to fix it vs probably $200 to $300 or more if I had taken it in to the shop.

davesan1 (author)2014-09-15

1993 pickup was sometimes jumping out of 4th and (less often) 3rd gear. Did the fix and all is well. Thanks for the info! However, now it grinds a little bit when I go from 4th to to 5th. It never did this before. Anyone else had the same problem?

For future readers help I also made a simple tool to replace the repaired shift assembly very easy (typically the toughest part of the job). The tool can be easily made using a suitably modified plastic irrigation pipe joiner (< a dollar in Home depot) and a saw (metal or wood) along with a vice of some sort to hold the part whilst sawing. Takes about 5 minutes and is reusable. Will post a write up along with a few pics. shortly and hopefully make the job easier for future readers wanting to fix the same problem.

EricB5 (author)2014-09-08

Very handy reference, thank you! I did the repair 9/6/14 on my 1995 T100 2WD V6. I was having probs with shifting and most gears not seating properly, and the shifter randomly popping out (mostly when starting in a gear). I ordered a shifter ball seat and a bushing (socket) from Marlin Crawler and they worked great (

As others have commented, getting out the shifter was a pain!! I ended up using a 22mm box wrench to press down on it (using the open end), and had a helper with a screwdriver & hammer gently tap on the lip of the cover to get it to turn. I had also sprayed some silicon to help loosen it up. I also found that removing the carpet was pretty much a necessity to get to the screws...perhaps this is unique to the T100, but I couldn't see any other way to get things out and back without ripping the carpet.

As others have commented, the plastic seat for the shifter ball on my truck was just crumbling pieces of plastic. I twisted up a small shop towel and put it down the center to help avoid getting pieces down the shaft while I pulled out fragments and cleaned it up. A dramatic difference after finishing the repair! I could easily tell shifting was back to 'normal' (for a 20-year old truck) and have no more popping out of gear. Even the guy at Marlin Crawler didn't know if this would fix the problem, but it surely did.

scottsmith1970 (author)2014-08-15

Many thanks for the manual transmission info. Because of this forum I saved tons. The local dealership's parts guy told me that i needed to purchase the whole shifter with bushing already in place, for $275.00. A local parts dealer has the bushing repair kit for $29.99. 45 mins start to finish. And it really works! Thanks again!!!

sgskinny (author)2014-08-08


I just wanted to say thank you for making this posting. I am sure it saved me a ton of money and a lot of headaches. After reading some of the other comments I purchased the ball seat and lever socket from Marlin Crawler (Part #'s MCTM-522 & MCTM-532) for my 1994 Toyota pickup. Your instructions were right on the money. My only issue was getting the retainer cap back in. I could get it pushed down but found it difficult to turn it to lock it back in place. After some swearring and sweating I got it. Thanks again for helping so many with this issue.

Toolwizard (author)2014-05-23

I just finished following these instructions and the out come is awesome. One hint that will save time is to notice in step 2 the shift lever is centered with the spring housing. The housing only clears the ball on the end of the shift lever by .001" per side. The fact the my lever seat was completely worn away caused the ball to be misaligned with the cup. While pressing down on the spring housing move the lever slightly in the center of the cup and when the mating parts line up the spring housing will compress easily.

Note: Shift lever retainer cap = spring housing.

jhentr (author)2014-05-07

Thank you for the instructions and hints and tips from everyone.

I would like to contribute my hint and tip.

First, I got my parts from from Redlands Toyota in Redlands, CA (~$19.50). The parts guy behind the counter was able to recite the two part numbers by heart when I ask him for the shift level and cap (wow...he must get a lot of request for them)! Truck is 1999 Toyota Tacoma with 150,000 miles. The grinding/hard getting into 4th and the popping out of 5th gear started a week ago.

Anyways, my first night's attempt was a failure. After 1 hour of fiddling with it with hammer, needlenose pliers, screwdrivers, pushing down on it, oiling it, WD-40, etc- it wouldn't budge. I gave up and called it a night.

I then tried again the next night. Somehow after a while, I somehow tapped it with a hammer and piece of wood straight down on the cap. It seemed to move down 2-3mm. I thought that was progress Then I hit the cap with the stick of wood and a hammer again at an ~30 degree angle at the "4 o'clock" position counterclockwise - and what do you know - it started moving. After a minute, the cap was off!

Hope this will help others in need (if other methods failed). I think the spraying of WD-40, oil, tapping it downwards and then from and angle helped loosened it up.

Once I got it off, I carefully put a wipe down the hole so none of the pieces of broken plastic would fall into the tranny? I used my shop vac to suck all the tiny pieces and then greased the new washer and ball of the shifter and reinstalled. Now my shifting is as good as new.

foxinsox (author)2014-03-15

I just did this today in my 91 pickup, and it is SO SATISFYING to drive now. WOW. as with everyone below, the damn spring & cap were a huge pain to get through, and I scratched mine up some biting into it with pliers, but after much perserverence (and cursing) it finally popped up, and it was easy-peasy from there.

and now my truck is like BUTTAH! buttah that shifts neatly and doesn't pop out of gear. $25 and a couple hours of time. hoo freakin' ray.

AzRaven (author)2014-03-01

Great thread here. I have a 1990 4x4 with 42,000 miles It started popping out of 4th 2 weeks ago, followed closely by 3rd. When I first read this thread I was overjoyed, thinking this was a done deal. Well, like others I found that removing the cap was a bit more challenging than anticipated. Unlike others, the rubber gasket was fine but the green plastic bushing was crushed. I bought a second set because I don't know how much longer Toyota will make these spares. I think they are only required to make parts for 20 years.

The spring pushing up on the cap does not push down evenly. Access to the cap is from the front side and pushing down on the cap in the front makes the spring push the cap up on the back. I tried to reposition the spring, but the friction was too great. After trying the various methods and tools suggested above, I decided to make a tool.

I took a short length of 1x1 square steel tube. I cut a notch about 1/4 deep and about 5/8 inch long at one end, then made two parallel cuts along the edge, just inside of the inner wall of the tube. use a set of pliers to work the tongue back and forth until it breaks. File the edges smooth.

This tool compresses the inner spring while pushing down on the cap. I used a visegrip to turn while I pushed down.. You need to put it into neutral ( parking brake please....) in order to do this. All you need is a hacksaw and a file to clean up the edges. It took about 5 minutes to make this tool.

If you have a center console, I put photos of the location of the screws and bolts. I also included a photo of some useful things: a magnetic tray to put screws in and a type of screwdriver that will hold the screw on the screwdriver. Nice things if you have them and inexpensive if you don't.

TrueStory (author)2014-02-01

A huge thanks to this site and all others here!!!! My 94 Toy started popping out of first gear every once in a while, On 4/15/2003 I took my truck to a Toyota ONLY specialist for this same problem. Shop fixed it, bill was $38 parts and $150 for labor, still have repair bill. No problem, I was happy to get it fixed. I had 136,293 miles on it then.

Last week I drove my truck to repair shop for same issue. I was told that most likely it was my transmission. I did some Google-ing and found this site. Drove truck to dealer, bought parts, replaced them myself. Cost for parts, Seat Sub-Assy $16.86, Bushing Shift Lever $7.51, and Boot Shift Lever $11.68. The ONLY issue I had was with "Shift Lever Cap". I could not press down to twist. I used a 7/8 open wrench, as suggested here, tapped it with a rubber mallet and worked like a charm. My old "Seat Sub-Assy" was all crumbs except for 2 pieces. One was no bigger than quarter inch. I cleaned up area, applied grease and reassembled. I could feel the difference even before I started my "Dusty". Drove around and just like new.

2/01/2014, I now have 244,874 on original clutch, just barely replaced original starter this last October, no engine work.

Dusty: 1994 2WD, V6, still have original floor mats on it, Awesome truck.

boogaloid (author)2014-01-18

Replaced the seat and bushing today with the help of my mechanic. A little more tricky that advertised, especially the re-installation of the metal cap that is above the spring. With that said.....worked like a charm! Went with the Marlincrawler bushing which was $20 including shipping. Thanks for the is thread....saved me hundreds of dollars!

stampday (author)2013-12-09

I thank u

acth4347 (author)2013-12-09

Thanks for this great instructable. I too have a Toyota truck, 210,000 miles and counting. Almost never needs maintenance, but it started dropping out of 5th gear and then wouldn't go into 3rd all the way. Did some Googling, found this post and soon had the problem identified. I took a picture of it before I vacuumed out the old bushing, what a mess. The new Marlin Crawler bushing did the trick, works really well.

dalephill2 (author)2013-10-30

I just bought a 1989 toyota deluxe truck, it was poping out of gear, and wouldnt go into third, i got it home actually bought a new clutch kit 100 dollars, and called many shops to install all wanted 400-600 no parts.. so I was gonna tackle it myself and before doing thought id read up more into it, and came across this site, I thought for 20 dollars how could i not try it since it was doing what most said on here, went down to toyota dealership bought the two pieces 19.75, and it jump into it, after getting the arm lever out i discovered the old gasket was non existent, only the ruber gasket on the bottom was left, put it back together and i was surprised ans all heck, it fricken worked, it shifts like a new truck now.. amazing... just fricken amazing... thanks for the post and info... im still in shock......

bonzaijohn (author)2013-09-24

I have a 93 Toyota Pickup that would not go into 3rd gear and after reading this post, I removed my shifter and this was exactly what fixed my issue. I absolutely had no seat left.
Replaced the seat and bushing and all was well with the universe. $35

Thank You!

khurley23 (author)2013-07-15

I have a 2001 Tacoma and started noticing this issue today. I'm not at all handy. Is this something a novice could do? Any extra tips from what you experienced? Thanks for the help!

ssmith161 (author)2013-07-15

My 1994 Toyota P/U stopped letting me shift into 4th gear.  I was getting around without 4th, but then 3rd gear started to give me a similar issue.  Got 282K 'PROUD' miles on 'her'.  My mechanic dismissed my problem and told me to get a new car.  Met this guy at a party who told me to check the seat/gasket in the gear shift.  Then found your site from Google and with the pictures and the good explanations, I was able to completely remove the 'remnants' of the seat where I found the gasket that still remained.  Greased up the new seat/gasket and pushed the shift lever cap back on and...YOOOHOOO!!!  I got my truck back and all her gears are working.  BTW, removing the shift lever cap was the hardest part of this entire process.  Used 2 small square 1/4 inch stick pieces of wood cut from a floor board of new oak.  Pushed down and then to the left on the 2 corners inside the cap.  NOTE:  When I went to the Toyota parts desk, the guy told me I'd have to buy the whole gear shift for about $200, that they didn't carry that part.  Went to the service desk there instead and got the part number.  It's called a "Seat Sub-Assy", part number 33505-35020.  Costs $18.  Thanks for the help.  Hope this helps someone too!

NightHawkGuy (author)2013-07-11

You do not use any other parts with the plastic Marlin shifter seat, its designed to be a standalone unit.
It worked great for me on my 1994 Toyota 2WD pickup by itself as shown in the installation photos at the Marlin website:

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