Toys From Trash Car




Introduction: Toys From Trash Car

You are going to make a toy car. It a good toy because a lot of people love cars and it would be a fun and easy project.

Step 1: Gather Pieces

You will need cardboard, sticks, bottle caps, scissors and tape. I will use cardboard as the body, plastic cap with holes in it as the wheels and sticks that goes through the holes of the wheels and to make the wheels movable.

Step 2: Making It

First you will get cardboard and cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard. You will make holes in the plastic caps to be able to put stick in the caps and then you will make it to be able to spin. You will put a thick layer of tape on the end of the sticks so the caps do not fall off. You will make it movable and the 2 big wheels will be in front and little ones in the back.

Step 3: Thanks for Watching How to Make This!

Thanks for watching how to make this!

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    Hey, I made one but i could not get the wheels to spin please tell me ur ways masta...

    2 replies

    Just use a drill to make a hole for the big bottle caps

    This is a good car but maybe a little better way to make the wheels if u could update this in a later date i would try it out :D

    Awesome. I love it when people find good ways repurpose trash into something fun.