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love to knit toys, and I love to take photographs! I have knitted and given away so many toys in the past, but before I give them away I always take a photograph so I can remember what they looked like. Here is a slide show of my knitted toys. They are all Jean Greenhowe patterns. If you haven't come across her designs, check them out on the following web link. She has developed some amazing patterns and as they are usually all knitted in either stockinette stitch or garter stitch they are easy and fun to do. Also her directions are very clear and if you follow them you will be assured of success. I use a lot of different yarns. Some of the yarns I buy, some have been given to me (as people know I am a fearless knitter) and some are left overs or bought from yard sales and charity stores. I really like Red Heart Super Saver yarns for the toys, and also Lion Brand Woolease (Woolease is so soft and nice to knit with). However, any yarn that comes my way is always welcomed and used up. Homespun is quite good for using as doll's hair, by the way, but is a bit bulky for any of the other parts of the toys. My favourite dolls to knit are the clowns, followed close second by Humpty Dumpty and Ollie Octopus. The Pirate shown is very special, as he won me the Blue Ribbon at the local country fair this year! (and I have kept him!)

I have just started knitting Alan Dart patterns and Jess the cat (and friends) is one of his. His patterns are not quite as easy to follow as Jean's but he is a fantastic designer. Unfortunately his patterns are not that easy to get here in the U.S. I now subscribe to a great magazine (Simply Knitting) which is sent over from the U.K and each month it features one or more of his great knitted toy designs. As Jean Greenhowe has now retired from designing - Alan Dart is my new hope! Anyway whatever you knit, happy knitting!



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    My Nana Stella made me the Cinderella. It was my first stuff toy.

    Your knitting is incredibly detailed. Very impressive.

    These are really fantastic. Very nice details too. Great idea to keep photos of such great work.

    well done though

    im a 12 twelve so those toys are abit young for me but my sistas would love the topsy turvey doll

    He does look rather like a leprechaun! It must be the green suit! He would make a nice decoration for St. Patrick's Day (even though he really is Robin Hood!)

    wow..after seeing all those beautiful dolls it makes me want to learn how to knit...I love them all and I can see all the love that has gone into them..thank you for sharing them all.

    Do you have a pattern for a "shrek". NEED ONE BAD!!!!

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    Sorry no Shrek! Maybe you can find one on E-bay. I would like one myself.

    adorable! I love Jean Greenhowe's patterns!

    These are all SO Cute! I love the topsy turvey doll! And the Cactus.

    Cute, cute, cute! They're all so cute, I especially love the first one, nice job!