Picture of Tr Sayer
 Okay I will first mention that I will remake the knexsayer and the tr-18 turret, so here are the credits. 
Knexsayer body + mech (mepain)
Turret (killerk, bakenbitz)
Some pictures (hiyadudez)

I really like this gun and Im pretty sure you could get alot more range with four rubber bands but when I used four, I got about 90 ft but the pump broke after about 4 pumps, (if you want to try more than 3 64s then you should probably use more tape than i did.

Okay here we are with the stats

Comfy Grip
Range (I got a white rod to fly 80feet)
Really Good ROF
Very powerful
18 shot turret
Reinforced RamRail
Very STrong Design

Uses alot of pieces
needs tape
The Turret kinda sags

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Step 2: The Front Portion part 1

Picture of The Front Portion part 1
 Okay I hate steps with like 50 pictures to I split it into two steps

This is where most of my mods are
I got lazy, I really didnt want to take the knexsayer block apart so I just took alot of pictures, If you have questions comment or PM me.
Here we go
you will have broken fingers

ps: look at the notes

1. okay this is what your going to make
2- 9 I hope you can figure it out
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Now make it with a 36 turret lol
~Meme~2 years ago
'An outbreak of K'nex wars sweeps the globe, from the slaying fields of the mid-states to the massacre grounds of the UK. An eye witness told us "The air was dense with plastic hailing from the sky, I ran only to be cut down by what they called the 'K'nexsayer'-a monsterous beast, a beast! A beast, I TELL YOU, RUN, RUN FOR LIVES"'.
is that a hinge or ball socket?
loyamann123 (author)  firebombfury3 years ago
why do you need to sharpen the black rod?
loyamann123 (author)  firebombfury3 years ago
mine was already sharpened from a previous project,
it doesnt matter
Is this gun reliable? If so, I might make it =D
loyamann123 (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
Dont put more than 3 #64 on it because the pump cant hold more than that
you will get around 55 feet with a yellow rod
then it will be reliable
if you push the limits, then it will fail and break on the inside leading to a time consuming repair
Nice =D If I get more parts; I would definitely build it =D Ive give 5*
Hey how many light grays (not including the turret) are on this gun?
ryry20114 years ago
looks heavy
Lowney4 years ago

Lol awesome, saw something like this from Bakenbitz and it's awesome that someone else made one and actually posted instructions, great job!
(YOUR N4 years ago
lots of pecis
Knexwizard4 years ago
on the REAL knexsayer can i use six black rods and replace the black rod on the pin guide gor a grey rod?? please respond
loyamann123 (author)  Knexwizard4 years ago
Lol i was gone so long but yess you can
lol im past the knexsayer im making an srv2
FlutterTree4 years ago
BEST (and probably the only) 18 SHOT PUMP ACTION KNEX GUN EVER!!!!!!
 Hey..... the tankbow is 2 times as big as this gun, uses a slingshot mechanism (100 foot range) and you can extend the magazine up to around 25 shots.

oh yea... and its pump action
It is not twice as big, stop spamming.
he means twice as big in PIECES. i have build both and knexfreek is right
1825154 years ago
I was actually very disapointed with this gun. The range was disapointing only 60 feet with 4 bands, the pump was flimsy and broke often. I would get about five shots off then something would break and i would have to spend fiveminutes fixing it because its so hard to get to the inside's. The reputation is misleading. This was good back in 2008 this wass good but we have much better guns now than this.
loyamann123 (author)  1825154 years ago
 Im Sorry you dont like it, but i fixed the solution of the pump breaking with some electrictape, however i did not add this step, and hopefully you dont go more than 3 bands, like i said, it will probalby break, I agree with you, the pump is long gone but i did get 85 feet with white rods. a easy way to get to the insides is to just one side off.
heatblast4 years ago
OMG! This is scary and epic....... 5* :)
DJ Radio4 years ago
So you basically reposted the knexsayer on ibles?  The only difference is the TR turret and the lack of a rotational arm

lol yeh i did this a while ago and also did this with a 36 turret
Is this what you said to hiyadudez when he posted the TR18????
loyamann123 (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
 yeah, i some people pmed me to make it
if you dont like it Im very sorry
I never said it was a bad thing.
 Hey man, forget dj. Im very happy u posted the k-sayer with mods on ibles. Bravo.
I never said it was a bad thing.
Seleziona4 years ago
Cool. To bad I can't make it. 5*

can u use the tr 8 turret on this

The TR8 turret was derived from the original knexsayer turret.  Just build the original one if you want the 8 shot turret.
loyamann123 (author)  altair ibn la ahad4 years ago
 if you were to use the 8 turret you would have to build the original knexsayer and mod it yourslef, no you cannot because this is specified for the 18 turret
nice i did this but mine didnt work to well nice job !!
KnexFreek4 years ago
 HOLY SH-T!!!!! You posted it!!!!!! XD!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars and a fave!!!! and im going to build it!!!!!!!!!! HELL TO THE YES!!!!
loyamann123 (author)  KnexFreek4 years ago
 Thank you so much, haha
 No prob
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