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It's the turret for KillerK's gun! The gun is easy enough to build from his slideshow but a lot of people struggled with the turret, so here it is! The TR36 turret is built in the same way, but twice as big!
I have all the necessary permissions. Credit to BakenBitz for the 18 shot concept and KillerK for the design.

Original instructions:

Step 1: Build It

Picture of Build It

In picture number 1, I have added KillerK's new mod. It will replace the regular ram locks with beige connectors. The only difference it makes is the fact that they are easier to replace if one breaks, so don't worry if you don't have enough pieces! To find out which dark grey connector to replace look at picture 4, the dark grey connector second from the right is what you should replace. 
Picture 1 and 13 are by KillerK

Some pictures are repeated at different angles, so bear that in mind. You should be able to tell which ones.

Step 2: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

Well you're done! Just click the link below to make the rest of the gun. It is very easy as it is essentially just a tube and stick gun. However, I know many people struggle with the trigger mech, so here is a picture of it. Picture was taken by Smilee.
Originial Gun Instructions:


RandomCommenter (author)2015-04-23

I like Hiyudaduz's instructions better they are more clear but still these pics were pretty helpful

parshan (author)2013-11-02

parts list for the turret please?

The Cannoneer (author)2013-02-22

Can you replace the Grey 1-slot connectors with something else? I only have about 50 of them. Please reply, Cheers :)

Lowney (author)The Cannoneer2013-02-25

Yes you can, an orange connector would work just as well, make sure you replace the ones that form the barrel parts and not part of the trigger mechanism though, start by replacing all the ones at the front and work your way in!

wout147 (author)2012-03-25

can you replace the gray (2 port) connectors to other one`s i don`t have much

Lowney (author)wout1472012-03-25

I'm sure you can replace quite a few with an orange connector

danroy99 (author)2011-12-04

YES FINALLY FINISHED! And I have to say, this gun was definately worth a Saturday screaming in frustration. I couldn't have made the turret without this so... THANKS MAN!

Lowney (author)danroy992011-12-05

No worries :)

zmxninja (author)Lowney2012-03-07

u my friend, are a BOSS

Lowney (author)zmxninja2012-03-08

haha thanks

danroy99 (author)2011-12-02

I'm gonna cry. I just spent like an hour making this and I just realized I made it wrong. I wanna crawl in a hole and die. I think I'll do that now. Byeeeee...

Lowney (author)danroy992011-12-03

haha, what did you do wrong? It's probably nothing too hard to fix? I kinda know the feeling: when I first built my SRv2 (there were no instructables of it at the time, so I had to just build it from a few pictures that KILLERK posted) I realised that the barrel was all wrong for the mech and it was a couple of hours and several lacerations on my thumbs later that it was finally sorted XD

danroy99 (author)Lowney2011-12-03

Yay! Finally fixed it! I forget what I had wrong at first, but I know one thing was I had 2 2 space grey connectors on 1 side instead of 3. But it's finally right! On with the rest of the gun! Hurrah!

slimshaddy (author)2011-02-25

i cant get the bullet locks to work can somebody please help me?

Lowney (author)slimshaddy2011-02-25

Look at picture 1 and picture 7. See how the dark grey connector of the previous "barrel" leans into the path of the adjacent barrel's firing pin?

ninjusk (author)2009-10-13

in the last pic how many blue spacers are there

Lowney (author)ninjusk2009-10-13

 I'm not sure you'll have to ask KillerK. When I made this I posted the old version, and the last picture is the new one, which I have never made. If he tells you drop a comment here too so I can add it!

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-15

can i ask a huge huge huge huge favor of you? Can you please postinstrictions for the body of the the trifle i suck at building stufffrom pics please please please. That gun is sweet.

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-10-16

 No need, BakenBitz posted the TR36, but the turret sucks. Justmake the body from his instructables then mod accordingly, like the picture
The gun on the right is the one that accommodates the TR18 turret.

matstermind (author)Lowney2010-06-13

whats bad about the 36?

Lowney (author)matstermind2010-06-14

Yeah exactly what ninjusk said, it's far too massive to be practical, and it's extremely heavy. I've never built it myself but I can see that's it puts strain on the gun and people who have made it say the turret's diameter exceeds 2 feet, so you'd be better off making 2 18 barrel turrets, and when one is empty, simply snap a new one onto it. Incidentaly, I made a BR8 prototype that could do just this, it used a latch system to hold the turret in place, and then with one flick the turret would fall off, allowing a new one to be inserted. I showed the Jamalam, but apart from that I never really bothered to post it...

GrandeSwag (author)Lowney2010-08-28

LOL 2 FEET. It's about 8-9 inches in diameter. Not 24.

lphillips094 (author)GrandeSwag2010-09-08

yeah I don't know how he got 2 feet! Oh ho, you funny guy.

matstermind (author)Lowney2010-06-14

do you still have it? it would be a good post.

Lowney (author)matstermind2010-06-14

Nope, the mech would only work with the BR8 turret, so its more economical to just have 1 BR18 turret anyway. However, I never tried a removable 18 turret version...

TwistedParadox (author)Lowney2010-09-02

I NEED YOUR OPINION Would an 18-shot turret be suitable for a drum magazine?

Lowney (author)TwistedParadox2010-09-02

Hey, hey twistedparadox! Hey! Hey! Hey, twisted paradox! (sorry, I saw your display picture..). Yes, it is suitable, it's probably easier to use an 8 shot turret, but if you know what you are doing then it's definately doable.

This design may inspire you!

ninjusk (author)matstermind2010-06-13

it is to big and heavy to easily use in a battle. At least that's what most people say

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-16

but i want the one with the slide like i said i suck

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-10-16

(Use pic 3 as a reference)
The slide is easy:
-Build whatever butt you like, but make sure you add the grey/black rods in the right places
-Completely "Fill up" two red rods with yellow connectors but leave room for 2 others, but dont actually add them. 
-Now, add 2 dark grey connectors pointing down, so the slide is tilting when placed on a flat surface. Now slide it on, it will be obvious when you do it.
-Now see that the pin has an orange connector sticking up? Well make a gap in the slide by sliding the correct number of connectors towards the butt, and the orange connector should slot in nicely.

Like I said, it's easy, but it's hard to explain.

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-16

i will see what i can do if i can build it i waill show you a pic okay and you respond fast that is sweet i hate waiting for people to respond.

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-10-16

lol it's just about asking at the right place at the right time. I don't know what country you live in but right now it's 10:30pm, and I'm only here to find a stock and a scope for my new gun!

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-16

oh what gun

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-10-17

It's going to be the mother of all ram-rod snipers! Bolt action, magazine, pin guide and nice fat butt (lolz)! On my LOSA pistol video (on my instructable) there is a short clip at the end with the new mech.

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-17

just one more thing thasn i can build know that yellow connector on the stonck with the black rod a bove it where does the other end of that connect to?

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-10-18

That's the pin guide. I can't remember where it is connected as I don't have this anymore. I remember it being fairly easy, have you looked at KillerK's slideshow?

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-18

yes and i have no clue can you look at the slide and tell where it oes

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-10-18

As I said above:
"-Now, add 2 dark grey connectors pointing down, so the slide is tilting when placed on a flat surface. Now slide it on, it will be obvious when you do it.
-Now see that the pin has an orange connector sticking up"

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-18

i dont want to just go and build the front then get stuck on the beack then end up tear ing the ehokle thing a part and wasting my time trying to build

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-10-19

Well try at least, and if you can't just build without the slide, hmmm?

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-19

i guess but i like gun where u dont hane to pull back the pin everytime like somthing with a slide or a pump but i still like guns where u have to pull back the pin.

H1T4TCH1 (author)Knexwizard2010-07-31

look at my personalised tr18 slideshow to see the slide, you can make it easily from the pics 8-)

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-17

sweet are you going to post soon

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-10-18

It'll be a while, at least another month. The gun I am building will rival The_Burrito_Master's morretti SR4, as far as range is concerned, and it will have 3 different mag options: 8, 20 or 50 yellow rods. 

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-10-17

if you post will will build

DJ Radio (author)Lowney2009-12-19

I just noticed how easy it was to dismantle the TR36 turret in the picture shown.  All you have to do is disconnect 4 parts.

blakeyboiii (author)ninjusk2010-05-19

shld i build ?

smilee (author)2009-10-06

Whooo! he said my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did you take the picture??

Some person asked for it on the different instructable

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