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Introduction: Tr18 Turret

Check out my K'nex Breaking Sniper too!

It's the turret for KillerK's gun! The gun is easy enough to build from his slideshow but a lot of people struggled with the turret, so here it is! The TR36 turret is built in the same way, but twice as big!
I have all the necessary permissions. Credit to BakenBitz for the 18 shot concept and KillerK for the design.

Original instructions:

Step 1: Build It

In picture number 1, I have added KillerK's new mod. It will replace the regular ram locks with beige connectors. The only difference it makes is the fact that they are easier to replace if one breaks, so don't worry if you don't have enough pieces! To find out which dark grey connector to replace look at picture 4, the dark grey connector second from the right is what you should replace. 
Picture 1 and 13 are by KillerK

Some pictures are repeated at different angles, so bear that in mind. You should be able to tell which ones.

Step 2: Trigger

Well you're done! Just click the link below to make the rest of the gun. It is very easy as it is essentially just a tube and stick gun. However, I know many people struggle with the trigger mech, so here is a picture of it. Picture was taken by Smilee.
Originial Gun Instructions:



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    I like Hiyudaduz's instructions better they are more clear but still these pics were pretty helpful

    parts list for the turret please?

    Can you replace the Grey 1-slot connectors with something else? I only have about 50 of them. Please reply, Cheers :)

    Yes you can, an orange connector would work just as well, make sure you replace the ones that form the barrel parts and not part of the trigger mechanism though, start by replacing all the ones at the front and work your way in!

    can you replace the gray (2 port) connectors to other one`s i don`t have much

    I'm sure you can replace quite a few with an orange connector

    YES FINALLY FINISHED! And I have to say, this gun was definately worth a Saturday screaming in frustration. I couldn't have made the turret without this so... THANKS MAN!

    No worries :)

    u my friend, are a BOSS

    haha thanks