Trace Out Invisible Users on Gtalk and Yahoo


Introduction: Trace Out Invisible Users on Gtalk and Yahoo

Alright, everyone this is my first instructable .. *Spoilers Warning*

Considering the fact Yahoo Mail and Gmail had developed a new feature that will allow users to appear offline and thus fooling their victims is kinda crucial act......

Today, we'll learn how to hack those geeks who appears to be offline...

These are the apps u'll require
1. A web browser  (Yahoo Mail)
2. Google Talk  (Gmail)    ----

Step 1: Trace Out Gmail Users

Assuming that You have already installed Google Talk..

First of all select  a victim u really suspect (xyz - Example).. Then click on the arrow (pointing downwards) right above his chat box and select go off the record.. When u select this option, google will no longer store your chat entries..U'll get a text like  "You are now off the record (from now on, chats with xyz will not be saved in xyz's Gmail account or yours)"

Now you're ready to trace em out..
Type in something.. It doesn't matter what u type..

If u get a message like this one in red colour " is offline and can't receive messages right now."   Then, you're victim is definitely not online and incase if you don't receive anything, You're right.. he's spying on u and is surely online

Note: xyz is addressed to your victims user id


Step 2: Trace Out Yahoo Users

Following are the web sites that will aid u in tracing out invisible users on yahoo

Following are the Yahoo servers that will definitely help you trace invisible users
Replace User Name with your victims Yahoo Id
In this case, a yellow smiley appears if the guy is online and a grey smiley if he's unfortunately offline



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