Picture of Tracing Network Line
Well I need some way to trace some network lines that were installed while my house was being built 7 years ago. Unfortunatly they weren't labeled at that time. You can spend a lot of money on a commercial unit, or with a little now how and 5 dollars worth of part you can make your own.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
Here is a list of the Parts that I used on this build:

Length of Cat5 cableabout 6" is all that is needed
9 volt battery connector 2 of them
LED's 3 of them
Resitor 330ohm 3 of them
RJ45 connectors 2 of them
RJ45 wall ports 2 of them

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
Here are the tools I used:
RJ45 striper/cutter/crimper
Soldering Iron

Not shown:
Wire cutter

Step 3: Lets Create the Power for our Line Tracers

Picture of Lets Create the Power for our Line Tracers
photo 2.JPG
I made two of these. One to power the RJ45 connector and one to power what is normally the wall outlet.

When assembling these I followed the 568B wireing standard.
The positive side of the battery plug was wired up to the Green and White stripped side, andthe negative was wired up to the solid green side of the plug.

On the Wall port power plug I punched the positve side of the 9 volt battery plug to both the green and white stripped and the orange and white stripped ports. The negative side was attached to both the solid green and solid orange side of the wall outlet. This way power is supplied to both the green and orange wire groups and will light up there corresponding LED's (this will be shown durring testing)