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Make a Paracord Bracelet with Tracer, a Tracer is a Piece of Micro Para cord braided along side. Adding a Tracer giving your Paracord Bracelet a unique look, and you can add another color to it. You can add a Tracer to any Cobra, or King Cobra braid. Note the Tracer will only show on one side. You can also use these instructions and make it without a Tracer. You can use a plastic side release buckle, or a metal adjustable buckle. The Paracord Supplies you will need:
+ 12 ft if Paracord
+ Paracord Buckle
+ 6 ft of Micro Paracord
+ Scissors
+ Lighter

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Step 1: Paracord Bracelet - Step 1

Picture of Paracord Bracelet - Step 1
Attach the Paracord to the buckles and then Mirco Para cord.
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I like the micro paracord