Picture of Tracing CAT5 Cables with a continuity tester
I work in a school that has had multiple installers come to run CAT5 cables, while they are secured very well and safe, none of them were labeled when installed.  We recently had an internet problem that required us to trace tons of cables!  I searched online for a cable toner/tracer but while some were reasonable, none were local, and most were outrageously expensive.  So I went to my local Lowes to look for an alternative.

Follow along and I'll show you what I did to track down the cables from the router/switch/patch panel to their destination.

**Please make sure that all cables that you might be tracing are unplugged because I am not sure if the tester could damage computer hardware, or if the computers could damage the tester.**

**Also use proper safety as you are dealing with electricity (albeit very low voltage) you never know what might have been done to the wires!**

Step 1: Tester

Picture of Tester
For this project i picked up an Extech CT20 from my local Lowes.

It has a nice visual and audio indicator if you have continuity across a wire (and in my case if you have the wire you're looking for!).
good mojo made it!2 months ago

Huge help on making the testing leads. Thanks!

Shame no one thought to check on the work while they were doing it. .You can get a cable tester that will check a live line pretty cheap