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Hi everyone!

This project was a school assignment, the challenge was to transform a used cardboard box into a product but to keep a link with what the box was used for.

I made this out of a verso paper box.

Step 1: Materials

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to build this you will need:

- a paper box, size isn't as important, depends on what you want.

- a sheet of polystyrene or acryllic that isnt completely translucent about 5mm thick ( size is your choice, mine was slichtly larger than a A4 page, i calculated 10mm extra on each side

- Glue(any superglue or fast drying glue)

- a ruler

- a knife

- a pen/pencil

- a smartphone for the light

Step 2: Cut the Polystyrene

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to cut the polystyrene to size just cut it a few times and ten snap it off.

you just need to pay attention to make it 1cm bigger than you want it at all sides

Step 3: Cut the Top

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mark the sheet on the top of the box and cut it out

Step 4: Cut the Bottom

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flip the bottom of the box around and put it inside the top

mark 1cm form the edges and cut it out

Step 5: Glue It!

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apply glue to the bottom part of the box( on the 1cm edges you left )

put the sheet in place, turn it around and apply some pressure

Step 6: Have Fun!

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use the flashlight on your smartphone, put it under the sheet.

grab a piece of paper and start tracing!


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