Introduction: Track Computer Usage in 2.5 Minutes

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Are you ever suspicious of somebody using your computer without permission? This is obviously the batch file you need.

You will need

-a computer
-Windows (95 or higher)
-2.5 minutes

Step 1: Open Notepad

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To open notepad start Run


Then type in notepad and hit enter

Step 2: Code

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Copy this into notepad

@echo off

echo Boot at %Date% %Time%>>C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop\record.txt

Step 3: Save

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Now save this file as record.bat

Move this file to the startup folder.

Start>All Programs>Startup

Step 4: Test

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Reboot your machine and log in. If there is a file on your desktop names record.txt open it.

It should say

Boot at (Date) (Time)

Now whenever your machine is logged onto with or without your permission you will know.

Step 5: Final Notes

I didn't write this instructable for fun. I was curious of a family member watching over my back learning my password. Sure enough I was correct because a boot was logged one hour before I even got home. Thank you for reading and remember to subscribe!


xp4xbox (author)2015-05-12

You should change the location of it to %USERPROFILE%\Record.txt so that it would be more universal.

Super_Nerd (author)xp4xbox2015-05-13

I assume that saves it in the user's directory. That must have changed, but %USERNAME% is the variable in windows 7 and earlier.

xp4xbox (author)Super_Nerd2015-05-13

In windows xp and earlier there is no C:\users\ folder and some people have changed the location of the desktop so that is why I recommended putting the file in the %USERPROFILE% directory. %USERPROFILE% is c:\users\%username% in windows vista and above. For windows xp it is c:\documents and settings\%USERNAME%.

Super_Nerd (author)xp4xbox2015-05-13

Ah, thank you! That's good to know.

Ploopy (author)2015-04-08

Works Great!

But I cant find my startup folder.

Ploopy (author)Ploopy2015-04-08

Found it!
after a system search

TT-MON! (author)2011-11-24

can't you just look in event viewer?

Super_Nerd (author)TT-MON!2011-11-25

event viewer?

TT-MON! (author)Super_Nerd2011-11-26

if the below doesn't work I just googled
"event viewer see who logged on"

TT-MON! (author)Super_Nerd2011-11-26

Yup! there is a ton of information on the NET. Try this one.

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