Hello folks,

TrackO is affordable and easily deployable tracking device which is compact & easy to use. Its accuracy is about 10m from the given location.

The idea of this project came up in my mind when I saw my parents concerning about my sister as she is a working woman and came home at night. After deploying this device in her car, they can track her anytime and from any place. It solves the problem of my parent's.

Step 1: Overview

TrackO is consist of two parts:-

HARDWARE: I m using Arduino Nano, sim900a mini (GSM Arduino module) & Ublox Neo 6MV2 (GPS module ).

SERVER: I'm using the Node-red for getting the data from the device so I can see and visualize the data and map the latitude and longitude on GOOGLE MAP. Mapping of the data is done on Freeboard.io

It's upon you where you want you to visualize your data. You can also make an app for it.

<p>Hi, </p><p>Bravo for your project.</p><p>Just a question / I am amazed you don't initialise the PIN code ?</p><p>Thank you for your explanation.</p><p>Pierrick</p>
Bec while using Software serial we initialise the pin at starting. And in this instructable we are treating the pins as RX &amp; TX.
<p>Hi,</p><p>there is a misunderstanding, I was talking about the PIN code of the SIM card you have to use withe the SIM900 Module.</p><p>I did a project like yours and I had to use an AT+CPIN command.</p>
<p>Hey we are using a unlocked Sim Card. It doesn't require PIN code :) </p>
How much does this cost for the gsm service?
It takes around 200 mb data/ month.
cool project buddy!
Nice one, I really need to create something like this. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing :)
<p>Thank you. :)</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing :)</p>

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