Don't worry! First, this is a rebuild out of a movie so it won't explode for real and it won't be worn by a real wolf.
However there is fursuiting for which I am a big fan of and my own character (fursona) is a wolf and lives in a world of technology and total military control. This collar will give the image if you would step out of line, you will be severely punished.
(a future nobody wants to be part of, yet it is happing in the "world" of my fursona) 

So much for my own background story and motivation....
This idea excally came out of the movie "the running man" when in the beginning the collars are being shown in action, preventing prisoners from escape and later on being a problem when they needed to disable the "sonic deadline" before they could run away. However I wanted mine to be a lot nicer and have some real functionality and more in the animal spirit (and again!, no real explosives are used, I like my head for some reason…)

Video below:


Step 1: Working Out a Design

Alright, some basic things about the design:

1. needs to pretty (of course)
2. practical
3  save (apart from the fact that it should explode)

Before I started this project I actually wanted to buy one of those "sportdog Tek 1.0" collars, they have very nice design features but we're to expensive. (still I really love to have one)  After some idea's, sketches and thinking about all the technical things as far as I could, I worked out the end result in a Cad program called "Cambam" a very easy to to use Cad program for Cnc machines. (they have a nice website you can check out)  The basics measurements came from the strap and quick release I bought earlier on a random website which I compared first to collars in pet shops.

Aluminium came from no other then broken Apple computer display's and bottomcases from the aluminium models. (current models) I can easily get these since some of them are being thrown away after replacement here in the workshop. Talk about recycle...
<p>awesome bro! Nice job! Fursuits rule! Have a very furry day!</p>
Very unique project by the way I am a new furry. you can find me on fur affinity (Darkwing123) and sofur (leo the intlectual lion) <br>Furry for Furever in Jesus Christ
<p>I would like to know if it may be possible for you to make one of these for me, and if so, what would the cost be? I can use my own arduino, and do the code myself if it helps.</p>
Really cool like about one of the best creations ever
Could we have a peak at the code that you used please.
Haaaa... Thanks Tattoo_wolf, script is ready for download under the photo's on step 10. Have fun wih it... :D
Thumbs up... reminds me a bit of SecondLife. Mew
you will NOT be getting that around this ferrets neck =^-^=
Will see will see
gives ewout some ferret kibble on the side to get unlock codes.
Very impressive built! Your planning, designing, and attention to detail are fantastic! The best part is when you unclip the collar and it starts a countdown before it malfunctions...very clever, very fun.
Video says it is private.
sorry, now you can see it... ^^

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