We all need a tracking device at some point to keep a track on our friends, family or our belongings (vehicles... my precious!) etc. but not all of us can afford the cost of a GPS device.So, i decided to find on the internet if there is a way one can track his/her location using the common cellphone (sadly not all cellphones can do this at this moment). And, to my surprise there is a unique way to keep track of ones location using this method.

You might be knowing about Google maps for mobile by now. Google maps comes with my location feature that tells your approximate location without using GPS. Cool...! Isn't it....? But we cannot use this feature remotely to locate the device.... huh!
So, what is the technology that google uses to track the device and how can we use it to track it remotely???

To know more about it... lets get started!

Step 1: Knowing the Science Behind It

The my location feature works on the cell tower technology. The cell tower of your operator generates some unique codes to locate the area where it is. So, basically my location feature points out the location of the cell tower from where you are getting the reception. Simple!

All we need to do is get these codes, send them to our computer via email/IM/SMS and enter them in the google maps. This way we will be able to track the approximate location of the device.

So, what all things do we need to track a cellphone?
Things we need:
1. A smartphone/cellphone - Android, IPhone, Blackberry,Nokia - S60 or above, Sony Ericsson - JP 7 or above (other than these not many are supported).
2. GPRS or internet connection.
2. Software to get location codes.
3. A working computer with internet connection and ofcourse Google maps.

That's it!

Proceed to step 2...

<p>If you want to track your loved ones real time location and all previous location then just visit - http://www.softwaremee.com</p>
<p>Is there any other way to get CID and LAC without using android application?</p>
<p> If you want to keep a track on people, go and click <a href="http://besttrackingapps.com/track-somebodys-phone/" rel="nofollow">http://besttrackingapps.com/track-somebodys-phone/</a> to find out solutions the app can give<br>you!</p>
<p>hi sir ,,</p><p>I've just lost my Samsung Note5 tried android device manager but unable to locate. How else can I track it? which i was not install any track software i know id my phone only please help meeeeeeee ?????</p>
<p>I've just lost my Samsung j5 tried android device manager but unable to locate. How else can I track it? In simple terms please lol</p>
<p>I lost my Samsung galaxy s6 edge last week Monday in Edo state Nigeria, I have been trying to track it with but not successful with Android Device Manager, please I need help to locate my phone without GPS.THANKS.</p><p>l</p>
<p>Tried this and it works. But the problem with this is that you need to feed the LAC and CID manually everytime to track it. How will someone get to know his/her phone's LAC and CID when the phone is lost/not with him?</p><p>Kindly reply if anyone has the answer. Thanks.</p>
How do i track his phone wout him knowing
<p>hi please help me how can i know the location of my boyfriend without him knowing it or without any application that need to install in his phone. Please help.. thank you</p>
<p>Finally am a lot happier now...thanks to brownsugarhacker66@gmail.com for helping me in my relationship...his the best for any hacking solutions</p>
Can it be possible to gps a metro cellphone with out installing any application on it
<p>Now you can track one's GPS location very easily with the effective tool.....follow the link below:</p><p>http://www.softwaredownloadcentre.com/software/phone-sheriff.php</p>
Is there a way to gps a metro phone with out installing an app
hey Bhai sahab, very very interesting and useful knowledge.this would be very useful if people download and save this info to use incase their cellphone is stolen or they are missing (possibly including been kidnapped). God bless you for your contribution. will definitely try this 'ible.
<p>Useful apps to track friends &amp; family mobile tracking https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alayada.mobiletracking</p>
<p>I have found useful application to tack friends &amp; family</p><p>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alayada.mobiletracking</p>
How to truck our love ones and friends
<p>Hey guys! Do you know pozzr.com ? They have no iOS version yet, but it works well for me.</p>
<p>Wow, it's amazing! I just know how to track the GPS location of a cell phone with tracking app like iKeyMonitor( http://ikeymonitor.com ), but it seems this way is also very useful.</p>
How to find cell id of cell phone
<p>Thanks, your post very useful. But you said that LAC and CID were dyanamic, so how can we find that in our friend or family members phone.</p>
<p>thanks for your great information</p>
<p>Stolen phone impossible to recover in most cases. If they do format the phone when it comes to GPS tracking</p>
<p>hi i want wright research about ,select point when some one call to operation room bout but i don't know anything ,could you help me what i will do please i need you help</p>
<p>Ghostrack is a perfect app for tracking an android phone without using internet. Its free, simple but very useful. you can easily download it from google play. </p>
Thanks ,Very useful
do you have a version that works with a Blackberry 8520 ?<br>i need a program that works on that mobile device please !
You can also use http://www.plarz.net/index.php?page=gsm-tracking service from plarz for tracking starting from cid and lac code...
Very, very cool. Thanks so much for your generosity. LOVE THIS!!
Fantastic information and quite helpful. Thank you.

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