Track your route! (using arduino, microSD card shield, and GPS)

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Using Arduino Mega, MediaTek MT3329 GPS, Arduino MicroSD data logging shield, and a couple of 9V batteries, make a small unit that can go anywhere, and then map the journey in a simple step. 

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Step 1: Hardware needed

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Step 2: How it works

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A positional control system can be performed using the
MediaTek MT3329 GPS.  The GPS transmits incoming NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association)
sentences at 10Hz to the Arduino Mega.  The NMEA
sentences are stored as a text file on a microSD

$GPGGA,215341.000,5155.9653,N,00428.0063,E,1,5,4.22,28.1,M,47.,,4 $GPGGA,215342.000,5155.9671,N,00428.0060,E,1,5,4.22,28.0,M,47.1,M,,*6.01 $GPGGA,215343.000,5155.9674,N,00428.0061,E,1,5,4.41,28.2,M,47.1,0E, $GPGGA,215344.000,5155.9672,N,00428.0059,E,1,5,4.42,29.1,M,47.1,M,,*6A $GPGGA,215345.000,5155.9683,N,00428.0054,E,1,5,4.22,29.9,M,47.1,M,,*62303R6A

NMEA sentences are specified electronically transmitted strings of data, containing global positioning information. For Protei_006, the useful information might include latitude, longitude, course, bearing, speed, time, date, satellite ID’s, checksum, and altitude. For more information about NMEA sentences and standards, see http:// or

super cool, im gonna make one right away!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome project!!!!