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Making tagged objects for a Trackmate system is easy. This instructable shows a quick example of just how simple adding new tangible objects to your interface can be!

Trackmate is an open source initiative to create an inexpensive, do-it-yourself tangible tracking system. Using the project's Tracker software, any computer can recognize tagged objects and their corresponding position, rotation, and color information when placed on the imaging surface.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Picture of Gather the Materials
You'll need:
  • A bunch of 1"x1"x1" cubes (I used these, but any similarly-sized objects will work)
  • Some double-sided tape
  • Trackmate Tags (create your own and print them out. See the Trackmate website.)
  • A pair of scissors to cut the tape.

Step 2: Mount the Tags

Picture of Mount the Tags

1. Place a piece of double-stick tape on each object.

2. Mount a unique tag by aligning it to the center and pressing it to the object.

Step 3: Use Your Objects With Trackmate

Picture of Use Your Objects With Trackmate

Verify that everything is working properly by trying out the new tagged objects.

The image below shows the Portable Plexi Cliffhanger tracking the cubes on its surface.


lieuwe (author)2009-02-25

i can't actually get trackmate to recognize anything(AR toolkit also doesn't work) any tips/tricks to get it to work?

adamkumpf (author)lieuwe2009-02-25

There are a few posts in the Trackmate forums that may help you get started; if you have other specific problems, feel free to post them there as well.

If you need help setting up the software, you may also want to check out the screen-by-screen walkthrough on the wiki.

lieuwe (author)adamkumpf2009-02-26

thanks, useful forum

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