Tractor Cane Holder





Introduction: Tractor Cane Holder

My 92 year old Dad needed an upgrade on his Garden Tractor. It seems he was tired of forgetting where he placed his cane and running it over. I told him to check under his wheels before he moved his tractor and he said " yah right". He really wanted to mount it on the tractor engine cover with some closet broom hanger and though it was a good idea I thought of a better idea with what he already had. LETS DO THIS RIGHT NOW!

Step 1: Parts


1 Bungie Cord

1 Hook

2 Screws to mount the hook


Drill and drill bits

Driver to fit the screws

Step 2: Easy Stuff

This cane holder is a design I have on my kayak to hold the paddle off to one side. I made this as simple possible without buying hardware.

Remember when you drill any holes that the drill doesn't go shooting through into something important and that the metal bits don't fall into the engine.

First you need to drill holes loose enough so that the bungie hooks will slide in. I found I had to bend the hook to one side and once they are in bend them back. The distance between hooks was planed with the bungie tension in mind. If your bungie is too long you can shorten it by tying a new knot. You also have to mount the bungie on the outside or downhill side of the engine cover which makes sense when you mount the hook.

Step 3: The Hook

This I found in my Dad's can of stuff. It is amazing what these old timers collect. It was a mirror J-bracket. Also I found these screws in the same can. I placed the cane parallel to the bungie cord and mounted the hook to the center of the bungie cord like in the picture. I bent the hook up a little more to hold the bungie cord better.

Step 4: Thats It!

My Dad thought I was clever and I'm going to let him think that. It functions very well and he no longer misplaces his cane when he's out in the garden.

I hope this is useful to you.



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    And dad looks great too! Wow!

    His dad lived till he was 94. Rufus gardened right to the end. The last 4 years my dad roto tilled for him but before that he turned by shovel by himself little by little........and this is why these guys live so long. That and their wives drive them right out of the house and into the garden.

    What year is the tractor? Looks great!

    I'm not sure but maybe over 40. The John Deere was something my sister painted for him. This aint no John Deere. I've been keeping it running for him for as long as he's had it, maybe ten years.

    I was looking for an idea like this. This would be great for holding one of those hand grippers to pick up junk without getting off the mower.

    Not that I need a cane at the moment but I have often thought about bringing along one of those grabbers when I am mowing rather than having to stop turn off the mower and pick up the item and then restart the mower.

    On my zero turn I have one that I slide in a piece of PVC pipe screwed to the side of the mower. Squeeze the jaws shut, slide it in, and the jaws expand holding it from bouncing out.

    Are those for conduit or are they ground clamps?