Picture of Tractor Stocking Stuffer
tractor 20.jpg
Aren't these the cutest little stocking stuffers you've ever seen? You can make several in hardly any time at all.
 They are perfect for co-workers and classmates.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
tractor 3.jpg
Wrigleys gum (if you purchase gum in 5 stick packages, you will need 2 packages per tractor) or roll of Life Savers for the main body of the tractor, individually wrapped caramels or Hersheys block candy for the seat, chocolate mint candies for the rear tires (Make sure that the mint patties are wrapped in a circular fashion, I wanted to use York peppermint patties but they have a different wrapping now than they used to.)  Hershey's kisses for the smokestack, red and white mints for the front tires.

You will also need a glue gun and scotch tape.

Regular Elmers or decopauge glue can also be used but, you will have to allow for the glue to dry between each step.

Step 2: Body of Tractor

Picture of Body of Tractor
When I first made these several years ago, the packages of gum had 10 sticks each. Now, the only gum I could find that I could use was in a 5 pack, so I taped 2 packages together so it would be wide enough for the seat and smokestack.

Step 3: Back Tires

Picture of Back Tires
With the glue gun on low temp, glue a peppermint patty to each side of the gum, near the back end.

Step 4: Tractor Seat

Picture of Tractor Seat
Glue a block of Hershey's Nuggets upside down between the back "tires". It would look better right side up but there's just not quite enough room.

Step 5: Front Tires

Picture of Front Tires
Glue a red and white peppermint onto each side of the gum near the front end of tractor. Position them so that the excess wrap goes side-to-side and not up and down.

Step 6: Smokestack

Picture of Smokestack
Glue a Hershey's Kiss to the top of tractor on the front end for the smokestack.

Step 7: Finished Tractors

Picture of Finished Tractors
tractor 9.jpg

I bet you know several people who would really enjoy receiving one of these adorable little tractors!

sunshiine11 months ago

How did I miss this one? I hope to have time to make it before I mail a package to my daughter. She will love it. Thanks for sharing.


radiograf1 year ago
Instead of using a glue gun can I suggest double sided tape. Excellent idea by the way.
cmaulden1 year ago
My grandpa would love these although I think it is a little to late :(
elewis031 year ago
Those are adorable!
mole11 year ago
These are so cute!