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Many people have heard the story of David and Goliath, regardless of their religious orientation. In said story, small shepherd David throws into the eye of Goliath a stone, killing him despite his fantastic size and equipment advantage. Equipment advantages? Perhaps not. The stone cast by David was out of a device called a sling, which essentially is a pouch with some sort of cordage on either side. With it, one can hurl projectiles much further and with more velocity than an arm's throw, and with the staff variation, even further. The following instructable details the creation of a quality sling.

NOTE: I am not responsible for any damages, injuries, etc that are a result of sling construction or use.

Here goes.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
What do you need? Take a seat and let me tell you.

For this instructable, several things are required. A material for the pouch, cordage for the lines, leather scraps for a handle, something to cut everything, and something to make holes.

Pouch: It can be anything, really. In my opinion, leather is the best, or perhaps a woven pouch, which is not covered in the following directions. Any cloth will work, with varying degrees of durability, leather being more so than most types of cloth. I have cut leather from old shoes and an old backpack; I also get various bits and pieces from a local shoe store (the kind that makes and repairs shoes, not a shoe retail store). Leather can also be obtained at thrift stores in the form of old coats, bags, etc.

Lines: Simply because it is on hand, I use hemp. More specifically, I use braided hemp, which is braided and not twisted because a braid tends to have lower elasticity than a twist. Like the pouch, the material used for the lines can be really any type of cord. Hemp, linen, cotton, nylon, leather, wool, other natural fibers, other man made fibers, gut, etc. Realize that some materials will have more of a propensity to stretch under strain than others.

Handle: Scraps, roughly oblong, which can be made of anything.

Cutting utensils: Self-explanatory. Scissors, knife, etc.

Hole punching: A paper hole puncher will work on some leather. A leather punch works well. Scissors or a knife can make holes, albeit with more trouble and less tidily. Use your imagination.
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did you make the pouch in the later photos? if so can you post a template or if you bought it where can i get one
ethiran3 years ago
what type of cloth that you used on the end of the string?
mmartin73 years ago
"I didn't really have a picture for the end, so instead, here is a picture of a ball of hemp string." lolololol
here to make up for that i will be kind enough to offer u a picture that will work just make sure other people can use it including me
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Slings are awesome!! I really like to throw with marshmallows (delicious treats/excellent projectiles). If you're looking for ones that look authentic, you can find them at


They're handmade from jute twine, and there are a lots of different kinds!


preahkumpii4 years ago
Slinging is a really cool pastime, if you can get good at it. ;-) They also sell these types of slings made from 550 paracord here:


a hint for the focus, try seeing if your camera has a macro setting on it, that should help
zerrodach (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
Ah. I did not think of that, but thank you for next time.
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Very good instructable, I learned some things.