A while back, we came across two traffic cones at Goodwill. I figured that I could make a nice Christmas tree for my wife's classroom, but she decided in the end that they should go in front of the house. This is a fun up-cycling project.

Note 1: Use of power tools and spray paint can be dangerous. Use proper safety precautions.

Note 2: Make sure you obtain the cones in a legal manner. Stealing public/private property is illegal.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Traffic Cone(s)
String(s) of LED Christmas Tree lights (I used two 60 bulb strings for the larger "tree")
Spray Primer (I used Krylon)
Spray Paint (I used Krylon for this too)
You may also need rubbing alcohol and cotton balls

Note: If the tree is to be displayed outside, make sure the lights and paint are meant for outside use.

A drill and drill bits
A sharp knife
a Sharpie or other marker
You may also need a putty knife and/or pliers

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