Traffic Light 4 Way. Using Arduino Uno





Introduction: Traffic Light 4 Way. Using Arduino Uno

This is a simple 4-way Traffic Light Controller that I made. The LEDs are controlled my an arduino uno.

1. 4 red led, 4 yellow led, 4 green led
2. Breadboard

3. Arduino UNO

4. Cable

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Sketch

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  • sketch-alikarkuki

    alikarkuki made it!

  • Hi Ali,thanks for yo...-SyamsaH

    SyamsaH made it!


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what kind of Resistor did u use

Help me with a circuit diagram in proteus please, I need it for my project

Hello, nice work. It is a very helpful one for my college project. Thank you.
But couldn't clearly understand those wiring connections. Can u please send some more pics, or explain it, please. That would be a lot of help.
Thank you.

Hi Ali could you help me

I made the four way traffic system but I what to add a two pedestrian crossing to the arduino code, could you help me with this

Which country of this traffic light system ?

Thank you for your help, this was my school project and i made it thanks to you, thank you sir

I did not understand how the blue cables need to be connected ?

You must connected to the blue cables with negative trmnal of the led and connected to negative for Arduino

Fun project. I have been meaning to make some traffic lights for my son's toy cars.

am glad that i could help