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Introduction: Trail Camera Tips

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|Tips & Techniques|

Double check your batteries before you head into the field.

Make sure your SD card is free from other photos and working properly. (Most trail cameras will give you an error if there is something wrong with your SD card)

Scouting can be difficult at times, especially if you are hunting public lands. Your best option is to glass a few weekends to find where the animal(s) your hunting appear to be hanging out.

You want to place your trail cameras in a spot where people aren't going to tamper with them, or the concern with theft.

Placing your trail cameras so the sun doesn't shine directly into the lens of the camera is key to quality photos. Keep in mind of height, angle and again out of the direct sunlight.

Checking your trail cameras can be an exciting time. That anticipation of "what will be on there" is often overwhelming. It is a good habit to check once a week or every other week, so you don't spook the animals you are trying to hunt.

We hope these tips help! Good luck and happy hunting.



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    can you give me any tips on how to attract coyotes to my trail cam

    Thank you! We appreciate it.