Picture of TrailBlazer Instructions
The step-by-step assembly instructions of my TrailBlazer Sniper Rifle.
Follow the pictures and you'll get through A-OK! d(^^d)

This isn't really that hard to make (aside from the Stock, but you can do pretty much whatever you want with that).

Anyways, now to the pictures.

I give full credit to Brad/DGM for the trigger mechanism.

Step 1: The Front Half

These are the instructions for the front half of the gun. It's two sides and one chunk.
gamingman5 years ago
What''s the range on this gun?
Raikou-san (author)  gamingman5 years ago
Have you ever built Brad's Blazer? It's the same thing, except mine can hold more bands. And it hits the end of my hallway really hard, so I'd guess around anywhere from 50-80.
knexfreak955 years ago
 friggin sweat
sweet* as in awesome
Yes, but you wrote "Sweat" as in Persiperation.
bigdylan915 years ago
you know thats brad's trigger system.
Raikou-san (author)  bigdylan915 years ago
I gave credit in the slideshow/forum topic. I'll add it here.
heatblast5 years ago
"This is one big block, except for part of the stock". LOL, that rhymes!XD
~KGB~5 years ago
KnexFreek5 years ago
This is MUCH more understandable. Thanks for posting it as an actual instructable!