Introduction: Trails to Terror, an Inside Peek.

This actually is a slideshow, but I wanted to add the music and whatnot so I brought it here. This is a compilation of all of my photos for Trails to Terror. Trails to Terror is a haunted hayride here in Rhode Island and it is where I learned all that I know about creating your very own facial prosthesis. So there is some validity to me posting it up here.

The music goes as follows

Abyssal Industry-S3C
Clown Song of Death-Cheshyre
(You can find and download all three at a flash community that believes in share/share alike licensing)


jakee117 made it! (author)2008-10-24

I apologize, as I noticed that the video was not working last time i viewed this Instructable. I do agree with Lfndbt, however, I do not decide what happens to it, I merely flagged it because the video was not available, and so, incomplete.

Since the video works now, I suppose it is considered complete.

I'm sorry for any confusion...

eskimojo made it! (author)eskimojo2008-10-25

Thanks for the apology, the deal isn't that others decide to erase it the deal is that instead of flagging and wasting admins time you could have just shot a message my way and I would have personally fixed it no admins necessary.

jakee117 made it! (author)jakee1172008-10-25


thanks, I'll keep that in mind, once again, sorry. =D

jakee117 made it! (author)2008-10-23

youtube says the vid is not there, so this has been flagged for deletion... cuz without the vid, it is kinda pointless...sorry

Lftndbt made it! (author)Lftndbt2008-10-24

Cause flaggin' it is helpful.
By flagging it your just wasting staff's time, having to correspond with the publisher in regards to completing the link.

Why not just message the person? I'm sure they want it working as much as you do.

By the way, I don't get the "Flag for deletion" option. Is that new?
Once you flag it as "Inappropriate" "Incomplete" or "Spam", Staff will then decide what happens to it, not you.

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