Step 11: Final Product

Picture of Final Product
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See attched pics. My son loves it. You'll see that my other son has a truck bed that I made him 2 years ago.
ptaylor221 year ago
You are such an awesome Dad for making this for your son. Love it. This could be a great side business for you if you have the time. I would buy one from you in a heart beat!
rtrulove2 years ago
Sorry if I missed this, but do you have just the mattress on a platform? Or the box spring as well? This bed is seriously awesome!
kevconard (author)  rtrulove2 years ago
No box spring. Just the mattress. Let me know if you have any other questions.
kfishburn4 years ago
WOW! This is amazing!!!! I'm hoping between my husband and myself we can follow your instructions and make this for my 2 year old! He's been really into "choo-choos" recently and would NEVER get out of bed! ;D
kevconard (author)  kfishburn3 years ago
So...did you make one?
kevconard (author)  kfishburn4 years ago
Took a couple of weeks. Since you have plans and pictures...it'll shave off some time. But since there are no real dimensions, it'll be somewhat labor intensive. You just need to start with buying the mattress and measuring size of bed. All other parts of the bed will be a derivative of that. Not sure if I put in the directions, but you'll want to router all exposed edges of the bed.
I think waht you have done is marvellous, not only in terms of the skills in making the train bed, but even more importantly - as a loving dad. These are memories that your sons will have forever. I take my hat off to you.