Step 4: Next Steps

The HO train ran around the room successfully without any problems. 
Even though the layout is limited to a main line and a siding I can only run one locomotive at a time.  I have looked at DCC and it is a viable next step to upgrade the layout.  I have enough space to have 2 or three locos on the layout alternating them around the room.

Taking ideas and experiences from others and incorporating to yours make this a great hobby.  Yes... there are a few things I would do different and most likely when I have a chance I will change them.  Meanwhile I will enjoy looking at my trains go round and round instead of in a box in the closet.  Perfect, no it is not perfect but prefection calls for training and experience with lots of expensive tools.... tools I would love to have but then again I need a large shop to put them in...  <;o)

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djsfantasi2 years ago
Nice work. Hope you are enjoying your efforts. DCC for this would be great!
Unrailer (author)  djsfantasi2 years ago
Thank you for your comments djsfantasi, I added DCC a few months ago with a Bachmann E_Z Command Dynamis wireless controller which works great. As for the locos y have upgraded them with several brands of mobile decoders.

I added lights to one a caboose with a TCS FL4 using the same code as the loco pulling the train.

As for the Atlas turnouts I added a Digitrax DS52 stationary decoder.