Have you ever wanted to be able to use both hands equally well?
Afraid of what would happen if your dominant hand broke?
I will show you how to become ambidextrous!

Any input from people who have already successfully done this would be greatly appreciated.

Step 1: Day One

I am righthanded, so I will be attempting to become a lefty as well. Obviously, lefthanded people will be trying to become righties.

Today, practice your handwriting. Write your name and the alphabet, along with a few straight lines and a few circles or curves (useful for cursive as well as printing...letters are just lines and curves after all!), with your non dominant hand. Do it with your dominant hand first. See how pretty you write? This is the benchmark. This is how well you will write with your other hand when we're done.

If you're like me, on this the first day, your straight lines will look like bacon strips. Not to worry, you'll get better the more you practice.

Along with handwriting, try to do a few things consistently with your left hand. You want to be able to shave/put on makeup with your nondominant hand eventually, but for now, just put on your foundation with your left hand, or just shave one or two strokes.

Step 2: Day Two

Today, brush your teeth with your left hand. Then, when you take a shower, turn on the water, reach for/use the soap, reach for/use the towel,dry off, and brush your hair with your left hand. Write a note to yourself on the mirror with a greaseboard marker so you won't forget. Put your watch on your right wrist. Put a sign on the refridgerator to remind yourself to use your left hand to get out food and get a drink of water. We'll save learning to eat with your other hand for another day. Also, practice your handwriting just like yesterday.

Step 3: Day Three

Today, do everything you did yesterday, with the addition of eating with your left hand. Reach for the milk, handle a fork/spoon, butter your toast, cook, etc, using your left hand dominantly.

Tip: Don't eat in public with your left hand until you've practiced a bit. Things could get messy.

Step 4: Day Four

Today, do everything you did yesterday:

*Eating with your left hand

*Wearing your watch on your right hand

*Practising handwriting with your left hand

*Getting ready for the day with your left hand


Tie your right hand behind your back for a little bit to make you do everything possible left handed. Only untie it when driving or doing other things which require the use of both hands.

Also, switch your mouse buttons to fit your new lefthandedness! To do that, go to control panel>printers and other hardware>mouse and click the button that says "switch mouse functions" or something like that at the top. This will switch the mouse button you use to select and right click, reversing them.

That's about it. Just keep doing these things and you should, given enough time, become ambidextrous!
<p>Who here is actually right-handed?</p><p>Most of us (myself included) who clicked here are probably left-handed, but we clicked here because we're fed up with our grandparent's old righty scissors and decided to train yourself. If you're a righty, why do you want to become ambidextrous? You already have an advantage in this world</p>
<p>I'm right handed and enjoy drawing or writing things on my arms and legs, and my left arm or left leg normally get full of sketches so I'm trying this. Dumb excuse to be ambidextrous, i know. I'm weird.</p>
<p>I am in dental school and learn best by handwriting notes. when you are in class 30+ hours a semester, that is a lot of writing. I do not want to develop a repetitive strain injury in my dominant hand with all that writing and be unable to practice dentistry. That would be a lot of wasted time and money! Besides, isn't ambidextrous even <em>more</em> advantageous? ;) </p>
I'm a righty and the reason I'm training my left hand is because since my right is my dominant, in situations where I'm falling or about to do physical damage to my body I always catch myself/block things with my right and I've sprained my wrist and hurt my arm, shoulders and fingers countless times. So, I figured maybe if I'm more ambidextrous I may start landing/blocking on my left or if I hurt my right I won't be completely useless. It's not about being the very best it's more about not being unable to do anything when I need to do it. If that makes sense.
I am right handed. And you know what, when i realized how weak my left shoulder girdle was, I decided that I was gonna have to work on balancing both sides because I'm a martial artist<br>
<p>since you do have left handed scissors etc, it's useful to be able to do both, and sometimes you need to be able to quickly jot something down and only your left hand is free...or what if your writing an essay, your right hand might become tired. Has happened to me a lot...</p>
<p>I am fed up with a world where everything is the same and I just don't want to follow the crowd. (This probably sounds crazy to everyone)</p>
<p>I am right handed, but we are doing this project for my literature class and we have to choose something to do, basically learn a new skill. I want to learn to be able to be ambidextrous, it might take me a while but it's worth it.</p>
<p>Well, to be honest, I want to become better at rhythm games.</p><p>And also, it's just handy, don't you think?</p>
<p>Which rhythm game are you playing? My training isnt originally for bettering myself at rhythm games, but it does get me wondering. I play a rhythm game called osu!(username is Matrix if you play it :D). </p>
<p>I figured someone else was doing this for Osu lol.</p>
I'm actually one of the only right handed people in my family, so everything's tailored to left-handed people! (I always just thought scissors were supposed to be awkward, only recently did I find out they were left-handed!)
<p>The thing is, I broke my right arm two months ago. And so I played helpless for two weeks until I decided I had enough. So I started training on my left hand, and once I started I realized it was really fun. I'm still used to using my right hand, but I could write equally fast with my left too. </p>
<p>I'm a righty an tbh, i think it would be pretty awesome to be left handed as well. like, a couple friends of mine are lefties and their writing is super well.</p><p>My mother told me that both my older brother and i were both ambidextrous as children and then eventually both chose the right handed path. </p><p>Maybe if there were more left handed people, companies would start taking into consideration that everyone has two hands and everyone has a 50/50 chance of going left or right so maybe we should make left handed scissors along with other things that are made for right hands only.</p><p>Start a movement man. It'd be awesome.</p>
<p>mmm actualy no what if i loose my right hand or break it i want to be able to still do stuf with my other hand </p>
<p>I'm also a little late to the party, but I doesn't matter :P Anyway, the only reason that I want to learn how to be more &quot;used to&quot; using my left hand is because I've recently gotten a Launchpad. Most songs played on a launchpad are done using both hands.</p>
<p>im a little late to the party but im right handed, i dont know why i want to do this I just feel like i should, it'sd be nice to not have to always rely on one hand ALL the time, of course theres some things i do with my left hand i can even play ping pong left handed, how ever i want to be able write, with me left hand and other things as well</p>
<p>I'm a drummer and all my left handed strokes are different than my right handed strokes; they're less elegant, as elegant as drum strokes can be. </p>
I'm right handed and I have been trying to do this by myself but I wanted to see if I was doing it right
<p>I am right-handed, but like <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/cannae216" rel="nofollow">cannae216</a> I needed to learn left-handed mousing to mitigate RSI. I wrote an Instructable about this five years ago (although Lithium's is way more detailed!): <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Become-an-ambidextrous-computer-mouse-user/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Become-an-ambidext...</a></p>
<p>I'm right handed, but I recently learned that I'm cross dominant, which means that while my right hand is my dominant hand, my left eye is my dominant eye. While this might not seem like a problem, it is for me because I want to join the military, and the best way to use a gun if you're cross dominant is on your dominant eye side, which is my left side. I would have to hold a gun in my left hand, so I want to get a start on getting used to doing stuff with it.</p>
I've never met anyone else who was cross-dominant before! My right eye is crap, left is perfect and vice versa with my handedness. I used to always wonder why I had such a hard time learning archery. Cross-dominance really does present its own unique set of difficulties.
<p>I can't see more than a meter with my left eye and a can't flippin' write with my left, so I guess I'm good to shoot people, but if I break my right arm and lose key eye when they shoot back, I'm as good as dead.</p><p>Lol</p>
<p>exact same but i finally mastered archery while cross eyed</p>
<p>also because I want to be able to paint my right hand well</p>
<p>I want to be ambidextrous because I'm a gymnast and my dominant foot (the foot thats in front when I do a cartwheel or handstand) is my left foot but I write with my right hand. Its a bit of a pain when I'm doing basic skills because my right hand wants to do what the left hand is supposed to do and it makes me miss the skill. </p>
<p>For Me, l am half and half. l normally write right-handed, but I do most everything else left-handed. My dad is ambidextrous and so maybe that's a sort of genetic thing, but I think that it's so cool that want to be ambidextrous too! </p>
I'm right handed trying to learn lefty, because in case of injury on my right hand, i could still be able to write with my left hand. Also i think being ambidextrous is awesome
Most of us want to become ambidextrous because it is a good challenge for your Brain and just Incase our dominant hand is injured somehow . I am a righty trying to become a lefty. It just sounds like an interesting and cool thing to learn. If you were writing in school and one hand got tired you could just switch over to the other. But being right handed does have some advantages so I wish you the best of luck!!
The post I made earlier says it all.
I'm a righty, but since I am a speedcuber, I want to be able to perform algorithms and with my left hand just as well as my right hand.
<p>Hi GenesiXY,</p><p>I am really interested in this thread and (being a &quot;righty&quot;) have been doing left-handed exercises galore!</p><p>But! What is a speedcuber? I have never heard of that!</p>
Someone who tries to solve a rubiks cube fast.<br>I currently average about 23 seconds
<p>its basically solving rubik's cubes fast lol even though im a righty im still good at performing algs with my left hand for OH even though 2x2 is still my fav event so i dont do OH all that much</p>
<p>for me, its mainly cuase i wanna use my right hand for movements in minecraft and i don't like using the touchpad..</p>
<p>The reason I want to be ambidextrous is because when I play the piano I find it difficult to use both hands at the same time so maybe if I learn how to get used to using my left hand as much as I use my right hand then maybe that'll help.. I'm not sure if it sounds weird to you or not xD Sorry </p>
<p>I'm right handed</p>
<p>I'm right handed I just want to be a leftie beacuse left handed people are sick</p>
<p>I am a rightie </p><p>I want to comfortably use my left hand because in cricket left handers have an advantage</p>
<p>I'm a rightie but have a desk job and also write fiction (first draft by hand--1,000 wds/day). I can feel my right wrist getting stressed and so want to be able to switch on and off to let it rest. Would like to avoid carpal tunnel surgery.</p>
<p>i'm right handed</p><p>learning to use both hands is important because what if i broke my right hand? I would have to use my left hand, and learning how to use my left hand early is good, also, less important, the rings on my binder wont get in the way.</p>
<p>Because being left handed is awesome.</p>
<p>I actually am trying to learn to write with my left had for three reasons.</p><p>1: I want to learn to play drums and I heard that knowing how to use both hands equally is really useful. I decided this was a good first step because playing drums is very difficult.</p><p>2: My sister (who is in 1st grade, perfecting her handwriting) is a lefty and I'm learning with her. It's a good bonding experience for us, too.</p><p>3: I heard that being ambidextrous helps with a lot of things in life, is impressive, and makes you seem more interesting. I sorta want that extra thing to make me seem more impressive.</p><p>I do understand why you think that though...</p>
<p>im learning to use my left hand for a tennis technique i've been wanting to try</p>
I'm right handed an broke my wrist so I still need to be able to write legibly :(
Using your non dominant hand can boost your brain and create new neural connection and pathways it's not about wanting to be lefthanded it's about wanting use of BOTH hands. Right or left handedness is about access to the 2 parts of your brain. Righties are left brain dominant. Lefties are right brain dominant and some people fall in between. Having access of both hemispheres of your brain causes it to work better and by writing with your non dominant hand ,whether u are learning to write with your left OR right hand, will stimulate the non dominant part of your brain . See they are connected. Why would you ever settle for half when you can learn to access the WHOLE <br><br>http://www.nwitimes.com/niche/shore/health/using-your-other-hand-benefits-your-brain/article_6da931ea-b64f-5cc2-9583-e78f179c2425.html
<p>I am right handed but as a result of a brain tumor I have Central Pain Syndrome which for me means that I have nerve pain on my right side, with the right hand and foot being the worst. I used to be ambidextrous with a mouse when I was in college. I am trying to pick it up again and learn to use my left hand as dominant instead of my right because while it won't make the pain in my right had go away, it will decrease it.</p>
<p>I'm right handed, and I'd rather be ambidextrous. Search </p><p>autonomic bilateral synchronicity</p>
<p>I already am ambidextrous, but in quite useless areas (ex. I bat with left hand only, play floorball with a preference for left hand, mostly sports which is annoying). I thought it would be useful to be able to do more things left handed, especially considering my mother is left handed and we therefore have several left-hand things I would like to be able to use.</p>

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