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Introduction: Training Free Range Chickens

Experience came from my 16 chickens.

Step 1: Training 1

The first thing you need to do is to get your chickens use to the coop. Make sure that they have a good experience in the coop don't let them fight.(I wouldn't have roosters with hens) I would say to keep them in two to three weeks if they are new chickens.

Step 2: Training 2

After keeping them in only bring a couple out free at a time(try to keep it the same breed or couples that get along very well). Keep repeating this process until you have gone through all of them.( if you have a big flock over 25 to 30 bring more out at a time if needed). Each process of the chickens should be about 3 to 6 minutes each depending on how many chickens you have.

Step 3: Training 3

After all that work about a day or so later it's time to bring them all out. Let them just roam around a bit. ( make sure they don't fight let them have a good experience). They usually will stay close to there coop and they will set up a boundary of we're to go. Bring them out whenever you want until they train themselves how to hide from predators such as hawks and coyotes. Then you can have them stay out for the whole day. -> NEVER HAVE THEM OUT OVER NIGHT <-

Step 4: That's It

One last thing is to check around for egg because they will lay them out in the woods were its hard to find.



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    Hilarious.. when I saw your hen in the kitchen I knew you were a person after my own heart! We have one hen that refuses to live outside with the rest of the flock now, she's older and doesn't like to be harassed by our rooster. She stays in the front yard, right at the house, for safety, then comes in to roost at night :-) She knocks "pecks" on the door. They are so smart! Thanks for sharing.

    There so clombsy but i love them

    One of mine to