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I created this for my kids to play with now that the temperature is getting hotter. It could be done cheaper. I spent about $20 on it. This is my first instructable so please bear with me. My trampoline is 14'. I got all my supplies at Home Depot.

Step 1: Assembling Tubing

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I started with two 10' pieces of 1/2 flexible tubing (I think it is used for sprinkler systems). I connected them together with a little coupling and then duct taped the joint. I bought a plug for one end a adapter that went from the 1/2" to 3/4" (forgot to get a picture of). A water hose they said was 3/4". The problem is that the end of the water hose would have to be threaded into this coupling and so I would have to turn the entire water hose. To get around that I bought a quick release connector in the water hose section that allows me to pop the hose on and off much like a connection on air tools.

Step 2: Test Fit

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Next I took my tubing out and strung it across the top of the netting and zip tied it to the poles like I wanted it and then make a few marks so I would know where the sides and bottom were.

Step 3: Attaching Sprinkler Nozzles

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I took the tubing back off and down on the deck. I put one nozzle close to the middle and then put four down each side at 16" intervals. I took another piece of pvc pipe and did a test fit with my different drill bits to see what size fit the best. The first couple I wrapped with pink water tape but gave up on that half way through because they were so hard to get in.

Step 4: Playtime

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Put the tubing back up and with zip ties, connect the water and enjoy. I control the output with the water valve. I have no idea how much water these put out but there is a big difference when I turn up the water at the valve, so I just run it on low and it is plenty for the kids to cool down with.


light man (author)2009-07-13

i like the idea but couldn't you just put a cheap 5$ sprinkler under the trampoline

razorback1974 (author)light man2009-07-14

You could but then your kids might think all they are worth is a $5 sprinkler. My kids think I am superdad because I choose to spend time with them and make a project that they think is cool. Well worth my $20. You could go to a garage sale and pickup a sprinkler for $.50 or whatever but in the end your kids will want to come to my house to jump :)

no i think i have to agree. a sprinkler under the trampoline is cheaper and better. sure you could waste time putting somthing together that cost more. or... you could use the time to spend with your kids.and show them how to get more out of their buck. :) but other than that it does seem pretty cool.

I also have a trampoline and I have to say, for the most part, the trampoline material is woven so tightly that a sprinkler underneath doesn't have quite the same effect. You would get very little water coming through and it wouldn't be quite as wet. Plus there is just something about having it come down on you or at you that is fun. We have an in ground sprinkler system that I turn on our trampoline and our kids love it. This is a cool alternative.

chotzeny (author)2011-07-14

Good intructable

but I was wondering about the Ladder...
Did you make it your self ?
Is there instructble for it ?

Kiteman (author)2009-06-08

I can certainly see the attraction, but doesn't it make the trampoline kind of slippery?

razorback1974 (author)Kiteman2009-06-08

Not at all, in fact my son thought it might and tried a stomach dive and to his chagrin did not go anywhere. If you want slippery just add some dishwashing soap and it is on. We have done that several times. It makes about 3in of suds and is crazy.

Kiteman (author)razorback19742009-06-08

LOL - post photos!

becauseican (author)Kiteman2009-06-11

we had to sell our trampoline because it raises ur insurance rates.

Kiteman (author)becauseican2009-06-11

Good grief. Don't you just love a litigious society?

becauseican (author)Kiteman2009-06-13

we had to geyn rid of our treehouse also. soon we will have to get rid of the grass and sun.

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