Very simple easy and fun trampoline water park

Step 1: What Do You Need

You will need a sprinkler (the kind that sprays a fan works the best)

You will need a trampoline

You will need a hose and a water supply (for the sprinkler)

Step 2: Set Up

Plug in the hose into the sprinkle and place under the trampoline in the middle

Step 3: Do It

Turn on the water and have fun
<p>My dad won't let me get a trampoline and I live in California where it is 102 F everyday:( </p>
<p>Nice idea though!</p>
<p>thanks i live in the yukon and where its 68 average in the summer (and thats very hot for me)</p>
Over the summer my friend used to come over to my house all the time and jump on my trampoline.Obviously,with it being like 100&bull;F everyday,we came up with this exact idea. <br>What I'm saying is this is a wonderful idea!
<p>Nice idea!</p>

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