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Introduction: Trampoline Water Park

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Very simple easy and fun trampoline water park

Step 1: What Do You Need

You will need a sprinkler (the kind that sprays a fan works the best)

You will need a trampoline

You will need a hose and a water supply (for the sprinkler)

Step 2: Set Up

Plug in the hose into the sprinkle and place under the trampoline in the middle

Step 3: Do It

Turn on the water and have fun



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    My dad won't let me get a trampoline and I live in California where it is 102 F everyday:(

    2 replies

    Nice idea though!

    thanks i live in the yukon and where its 68 average in the summer (and thats very hot for me)

    Over the summer my friend used to come over to my house all the time and jump on my trampoline.Obviously,with it being like 100•F everyday,we came up with this exact idea.
    What I'm saying is this is a wonderful idea!