Trampoline/Pool Noodle Hack





Introduction: Trampoline/Pool Noodle Hack

I first have to say, this is not my original idea.  I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it.  I do not know who the credit goes to for this awesome idea.  When I click on the picture (on Pinterest) it just takes me to a larger picture, not the site it was posted from.  That being said, here is my version.        I bought 8 small pool noodles at Dollar General.  ($1 each)      Next, cut them about the length of the trampoline springs.  After that, cut a slit lengthwise in each one.  Finally, attach one to each spring around the trampoline.  You are done!  Less than $10. Less than 10 minutes.  (I cut mine with a large kitchen knife and it worked like a charm.)  Be careful with whatever method you use to cut them, knives  can be dangerous.



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    I am doing this!! Our cover ripped long ago and some of the springs are starting to fall off. These will look cute and keep the springs on, hopefully!!

    i like using the noodles because they are so colorful! and i never cut the noodles to slid them over top i detatched the spring and slid it threw the noodle this guarantee's it will stay :)

    Bad, Bad, Bad idea...
    no. Maybe not that bad... just trampoline need to be grounded.
    Springs working inside those pipe insulation make static electricity. Make a lot of electricity... Your kids (or you) can get painful shock when touching any metal frame element.

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    Thank you for pointing that out. We have not had that issue, but it seems like it could happen.

    This would be much more cost effective idea if using a smaller diameter foam pipe insulation which is sometimes available with a self adhesive seem to seal the joint

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    You might be right, I have never priced pipe insulation. Does it come in assorted colors? I really like the playful look of the pool noodles. But if pipe insulation is cheaper and also colorful that would be the way to go!

    They don't come in assorted colors, but you could paint them.

    nice idea I hate how feet get squeezed in between I might just do that idea

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    Thanks! It especially helps when getting in and out of the trampoline. I think you will be happy with the results if you do it.

    This would be much more cost effective idea if using a smaller diameter foam pipe insulation which is sometimes available with a self adhesive seem to seal the joint

    why cut them down the center? Why not just take the spring off, string it through the noodle then reattach it? I'm in the process of moving so my trampoline is being taken apart, but love this idea might use it once i put the trampoline back together.

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    As long as the center of the pool noodle was big enough to go around the springs, that would work great! The reason I cut them was because there was no way I was going to take each spring off. When we originally set the trampoline up, the springs were a big pain. But if you have to set your trampoline up again anyway, your suggestion sounds like the way to go!

    Over time, I think they will probably rotate around and then be able to drop off easily. Right now they are pretty snug because they are new. I will put duct tape on them if they start to spin around and fall off. Hopefully they at least last one or two summers....hopefully. I like how fun the colorful noodles make it look! The picture I saw on Pinterest did exacty your idea about alternating colors. It looked very nice! I am partial to anything pink, so I usually can't help myself. Plus, I thought all pink would look nice with our pink supertunias all around our house. I almost went with the multi-color theme, but that pink wouldn't let me do it. Thanks for the comment and suggestions. I will be doing the duct tape if they don't hold up. :)

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    Yes, they will eventually come undone, even if you use contact cement on the cut (as I did in my beer/baby float). An alternative is to use pipe insulation which comes with a really good adhesive on the cut edge (peel & stick). But then you don't get those cool colors. : )

    Great idea, but without a continuous pad, extremities like heads and legs can still get stuck. Better than nothing.......

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    I agree. Trampolines make me nervous for many reasons. Our continuous pad that came with the trampoline rotted away after the second summer. This will at least keep from getting pinched by the springs. Parental supervision is still a must!

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

    Maybe get some zip ties so they don't come off or just put the spring through an uncut noodle so they won't come off unless the spring does to. I wish I had a trampoline. . .

    After a season outside in the sun they will fall apart anyways.