Step 3: Add the Transformer

Picture of Add the Transformer
Next we add the first two wires of our audio transformer. Connect the red and white leads of the transformer to the mono jack.
RAYED4 years ago
I began this project a while ago (have yet to finish) and I found one at Radio Shack for around $2.70. The catalog number is 273-1380. Good Luck!
If I connect the transformer with the lower ohm side being the laser side, what differences would it make?
schmidtty7 years ago
hey u went to radio shack didn't you, my mono jacks and audio transformer look exactly the same
hey im also trying to do this... i bougth all the parts and connected them together but it doesnt seem to work.. instead of the 2 mono jacks i used the ends of some headphones i didnt need anymore.. do u think this could be the reason its not working? could u give me any other advice? im kinda desperate cuz my science fair is due next week sooo pleassseee hellppppp lol thnx in advance
saites2001 (author)  lionelsabbah7 years ago
Other than "doesn't seem to work", what is it doing? As far as using headphone jacks, most headphone jacks are stereo, and I'm not really sure what the results would be. If everything else seems to be working and you are desperate for getting it to work quickly, I would suggest changing them and seeing the results. If not, let me know more specifically what seems to be happening and I will try to do my best to help.
kennyvs7 years ago
hey i love this project but im having trouble after connecting all the parts of the transmitter. When i add the power the light does turn on, but the light doesnt blink after i connect the mono jack into a source. I was wondering "do you know the problem?
saites2001 (author)  kennyvs7 years ago
Chances are, you won't actually see it "blink," per se. After you build the receiver, test the unit. If it doesn't seem to be working still, check your connections. Let me know if you still need help.
Ahhh, thnx man. You were right, it was blinking too fast for eyes to see. I got it to work now. THnx man .