Introduction: Transfer a Picture or Printed Image to Wood, Wood Transfer

Here is a simple way to print a picture on your home printer and then transfer it to wood. You can use it with text, photos, graphics or anything else you make. Have fun making stuff.


chilihook (author)2016-12-09

This product is made by Liquitex. There are other companies as well that make gel medium. You can get it on Amazon.

LenJ3 (author)2016-11-22

This video is academic without naming the gel medium, so, what is the name of the gel medium.

Gypsytornado (author)2016-11-12

Hi Chad - so simple and effective, thanks. All I need to be able to do this is the name of the product?

SabrinaA22 (author)2016-07-24

Hi Chad,

Does the image need to be reversed for this method when you print it off?

dbratsch (author)2015-11-17

laser printer, right?

AshleighM7 (author)dbratsch2016-01-23

I think it has to be an inkjet printer.

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