Transfer Bottle





Introduction: Transfer Bottle

To start this, you will need 2 bottles (any size) as long as the caps fit, glue of some kind, and a knife.
I did this as I am currently a truck driver and occasionally buy a gallon of a liquid but only want a small amount of it at any one time. Could also come in handy if you have children in the home and want portion control to.

Step 1: Cutting the Lids

simply cut the center out leaving the inner ring intact so you have a hole in the center and an edge to glue the second cap to.

Step 2: Gluing the Caps.

glue the caps together as shown so you have a through hole to the bottom bottle

Step 3: Cutting the Bottom of the Transfer Bottle

cut the bottom off the second bottle to make a funnel

Step 4: Assemble

Put the bottles together and transfer your liquids. very handy if you need to transfer from a gallon of whatever to smaller bottles.



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Oh, it's a funnel?

yes, however instead of placing it inside the vessel it simply screws on to make it easier.

Truck driving and a gallon of "a liquid"..? This liquid isn't of the consumable ethanol variety while operating said truck, yes? :)

no actually that's highly illegal for us to have in the cab or dogbox.