Step 2: Stetting Up on Windows

Picture of Stetting Up on Windows
Now you need to set up the computers. The BitTorrent clients should be installed on all the computers and the computers connected to the LAN.
This step only needs to be done to the computer acting as a tracker!
Then you need to give the tracker a static ip address. This step explains the setup for Windows, the next step for Mac.

Windows XP/2000/ME

1. Go to Network Connections in the control panel.
2. Double click on the connection used to connect to the LAN.
3. In the just opened Network Connection window, open the Properties.
4. In the next window, scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), select it, and then click on Properties.
5. Now find the correct IP addresses you need to enter. Do this by going to command prompt and enter ipconfig. Then take this info and enter it into the window you opened in the step before. Be sure to select Use the Following IP address/ Use the following DNS server address. The default gateway is usually the DNS address as well. You can safely leave the Alternate DNS server blank.
6. Congratulations, you have a static IP address on your computer! If you ever want to get rid of it, just change the Use the Following IP address/ Use the following DNS server address to the automatic one.

Windows Vista

Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately :) ), I do not have a Vista computer. PortForward.com seems to have a tutorial HERE.