Step 4: Creating the .torrent

Picture of Creating the .torrent
Now you need to create the .torrent file that your clients need to be able to download the files. First you need to open your uTorrent client on the computer you configured in step 2 or 3. Then go to the Preferences and go to Connections. Here you need to write down the port used for incoming connection. Mine was 26670. Next got to advanced and change bt.enable_tracker from false to true. Then go to File > Create New Torrent or just hit Ctrl-N. You should get a new window and browse for the file(s) you want to make into a torrent. In the Tracker field, enter http://ip_address:port/announce. You can add a comment if you want and select start seeding. Now click on create and save as and save the .torrent file. Your computer should start seeding and you can now put the .torrent file on a network drive, flash drive, or use another way to transfer the .torrent to the clients.