Introduction: Transferring a Tread[Manja] From Charkhari to Charkhari

Picture of Transferring a Tread[Manja] From Charkhari to Charkhari

I am showing an faster method of transferring thread of manja used for flying kites faster by hand from charkhari to charkhari .

The main concept behind this to increase RPM of rolling charkhari by using both hands .

Materials Required:-
1. Chair
2. Two Charkharis
3. Wall

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation

Get a chair near a wall
So that u can sit on the chair with your legs touching wall .

Step 2: Assembling Charkharis

Picture of Assembling Charkharis

Tie both the ends of manja .

Keep the Charkjari(from which manja is to be taken out) on your legs as shown in the above picture .Make sure that the manja is coming from the down of Charkari.

Take the other Charkari(On which manja is to be rolled) in your hands

Step 3: Process Starts

Picture of Process Starts

Start rotating the Charkari in your both hands subsequently .

Your manja will start rolling over in secs .

Make sure to move Charkari side 2 side slowly so that manja does not overlaps .

Step 4: Ending

Picture of Ending

It is a slow process so be patient.

After some time depending on your speed it will be finished .

Cut off the wet , wrecked , or broken manja left behind .


Kiteman (author)2013-08-04

Nice job.

What kind of kites do you fly?

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