This Instructable shows you how to transform a common ballpoint pen into a survival whistle which will fit inside an Altoids tin and still work as a pen. This multi-functionality helps to save space in the tight confines of the tin.

DISCLAIMER: Though this whistle is ear-splittingly loud when configured properly, I have not tested it in a survival situation. Please use your own judgment on whether your end product is good enough for a real survival situation, if that is its intended use. If it isn't good enough for that, please consider shelling out the money for a factory-made whistle.

Here are some pages I viewed which were very helpful in learning about the construction of whistles:

Step 1: Materials

Consumable materials:
--small piece of sandpaper
--glue (optional)
--Papermate Eagle ballpoint pen
   --it is quite possible there are other pens which will also work; I have selected this one for several qualities. First, there is no hole in the barrel of the pen--for some reason many ballpoint pens have a tiny round hole somewhere on it. Second, the ink cartridge is easily removed with your fingers. Third, the end piece is a separate piece that can pop out.

<p>looks fun but I might be able to make a better one.</p>
<p>Perfect for my EDC. Thanks a lot for sharing.</p>
Took a while, but made a successful one on my first try! Thanks for posting this.
Very nicely done 'ible. Easy to follow and fun to do. Thanks for sharing.
я вообще не понимаю по английски
А также найти наставника
u could use the cap from a bic crystal and suck on it idk why it works LOL
Yes, some of the caps I tried you could just blow into and they'd work, but since I wanted to include a pen in my kit as well, I wanted to combine them.
on the cheat 50 cent ones you have to spit a little in the caps and suck on it
I totally made this.
How did it go?
Fine. I had trouble with step 10 because I didn't realize I was trying to make an air channel.
Thanks for the feedback! I added a bit to clarify that :-) Was your whistle pleasantly loud?
Wow thats a long instructable!
Thank you! :)
Welcome. :D
i dont quite get it, but i will try this
What do you not get? Could I perhaps clarify something?

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